Color Palette

Alright, gang, let’s talk wedding colors!

My favorite color is red.  Mr. Groomy’s favorite color is blue.   We’re using neither of those colors in our wedding palette.  Instead, we’ve decided that our colors will be black and white, with shots of apple green.  How did we come to that color palette?

Well, Mr. Groomy said, “ABSOLUTELY NOT!” to red as a wedding color.  Little Miss WP said, “ABSOLUTELY NOT!” to blue as a wedding color.  So we compromised, after I found a little inspiration on the Internet.

It started with this…

I am obsessed with these. The minute I saw them I knew I had to have them.  I could picture them at our wedding immediately.  So that led me to scour the Internet for weddings that used apples and the color green as decor.  Here’s some great inspiration boards I’ve bookmarked:

The apple inspiration is also how I got my header for this blog…(yep, that’s my engagement ring up there!).

I’m working on my own inspiration board and I hope to post it soon!

What things inspired your wedding color palette?



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5 responses to “Color Palette

  1. rhodeygirltests

    love it so much. i wish we lived closer so i could help you more!

    what inspired my wedding color palette? ummmmmm i dunno? hahahaha! we didn’t really have one, it all just kind of developed i guess? i LOVED the blue in the dresses i found for the bridesmaids, so no matter what it had to go with that color, and then i thought ORANGE would look amazing with that.. and then realized that turquoise is just one of my favorite colors and would look so nice with both. so that was it! oh, and now we have a little amber too, in the form of fake diamonds (long story) so, er, we have lots of colors! but i swear it all looks good together!

    are you going to do apple escort cards? you should totally have tall skinny vases with stacked green apples for your cocktail hour (each apple on an angle). that would be sooo pretty and economical!

    i am so obsessed with your wedding colors!

  2. Megan

    i love the site!

    our colors….well they just sort of happened i guess? haha. i threw around the idea of red or an eggplant color. i was told by fiance that purple made people look like barney and that everyone would hate me and he wasn’t crazy about red. so then i threw out the idea of brown and all my girls were excited saying they looked good in brown, etc. i still wanted my red, and we threw in a burnt orange and yellow was accents as well. so basically we ended up with the traditional fall palette without intending too 🙂

    i love the apples though! i’m still working on placecards but fruit is a great idea!

  3. Em

    So I’m bored at work and going through the archives of blogs I follow. You’re the lucky blog I’m on right now 🙂

    Guess what. We have the same colors! My favorite color is green, and FI didn’t really care, so that’s what I came up with. Yay color twins!

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  5. Score! I can’t wait to see how your wedding turns out…my colors are black, white, lime green, and lemon yellow! Color twins (or atleast cousins!)

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