Venue Stress

Hi Guys!  Sorry I’ve been MIA this week…I have been crazy busy around here.  Little Miss WP is also Little Miss Dance Team Coach, and our team is going to Nationals in Minnesota this week.  Needless to say, I have been busy preparing for that, and wedding planning hasn’t gotten much of my free time!

I have been clipping pictures for an inspiration board and I will hopefully post that next week.  In the mean time, I’d like to talk a little bit about my anxiousness with wedding planning. You see, not only am I planning a wedding this year, but I am also taking the LSAT, applying to Law School, vacationing in the Dominican Republic, and running a marathon!  All in 2009!  It’s a little overwhelming to think that maybe I won’t get everything done.  I know I’ll feel better once we have our reception venue booked (and thus the food and drink all taken care of), but I am still really anxious about getting that part done.  I am hoping that we can go and visit some venues after I return from Nationals.  Mr. Groomy and I have very specific guidelines for what we want in a venue:

1) Preferably, a hotel. Why?  Because we’ll be having 90% out of town guests, and we don’t want them to have to be traipsing all over town.  Ideally, we’d like a hotel right near our church, so that our guests can move seamlessly from venue to venue.

2) It must hold 300 people!  We are capping out our guest list at 300 (We think!  It keeps growing every day!), so we want to make sure we have a comfortable, yet elegant place to party with our guests.

3) Room Blocks! Obviously, we are having many people from out of town so we want to make sure we offer our guests an affordable place to stay.

I am so excited to be planning, but I just want to get through this icky venue part as quick as possible.  We are leaving for the Dominican on April 16th, so ideally, I’d like to have our venue wrapped up before that so I can have a relaxing and stress free vacation.

Have any of you felt this “oh my gosh we need a venue!” stress?


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  1. rhodeygirltests

    Honestly, we didn’t feel any stress regarding the venue because we knew from the beginning where we would be getting married. We met at a wedding at the Westin, and are getting married at the same hotel? is it he prettiest place in R.I.? No, but it has everything we need (pretty much all your specifications above + proximity to the church).

    It will all work out, I promise! Just keep looking and pick the one that fits best!

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