Um, Obsessed!

Check out this website I just read about:  What an amazing way for a bride and groom to have beautiful, affordable invititations and stationary!  Basically, this company designs beautiful invites, then sends their brides and grooms a PDF copy of their invite to print on their own, either using their home printer or using a printing service.  The invites are fully customizable and totally adorable.  I am obsessed with this website!  Check out one of my favorite designs:

birdtoldme(Source:  Printable Press)

Seriously, I love this invite.  I think Mr. Groomy and I would change the wording a bit in favor of something more traditional, and we would definitely do the branches and main writing in black and the birdie and or names in our green color…you can see where I am going with this!  Totally gorgeous, I love it.  Shoutout to the wedding blog for showcasing this company!

In other news, sorry I have been a bit MIA.  I am REALLY stressed out about finding our wedding venue.  And Mr. Groomy, although I love him dearly (obviously!), has been less than helpful in alleviating my stress.  I have an action plan, though, so hopefully we will have a venue nailed down soon and then the fun can really begin.  Because right now, I feel nothing but stress!

What are your invitations like?  Did you do them yourself or have them printed?


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  1. Megan

    cool site! I kind of wish I had found things like that before I started making my own! Although we only have to make about 100 so it’s not too bad.

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