Venue Search, Continued!

The all important “Quest for the Venue” is taking up most of my wedding planning today.  This part, for me, is not fun.  In order to make it more fun, I am really researching all the venues we want to look at and creating charts and graphs to compare them all.  For my Type-A personality, being this organized makes looking for venues a little more fun (but no less stressful!).  I love charts and graphs and files and everything and anything to do with organization, so that part is pretty fun for me.  I thought it would be nice to clue you guys in on our venue search.

Let’s start with what we have nailed down:  our church.  We are parish members here and will be getting married in this gorgeous setting:


I found this picture from one of the featured Milwaukee weddings on the Knot.  Like I said, we are members here, and I love being part of this parish.  Everyone is so welcoming and nice, the services are always beautiful, and it’s nice to be a stone’s throw away from the Archbishop each week (the Cathedral is the head church of the diocese).  So, in researching venues, we are looking for something that is in close proximity to the church and equally as beautiful (and formal), since we really want all parts of the day to “match” well (ie elegant ceremony, elegant cocktail hour, elegant reception).  That being said, here are a few of the venues we will be visiting:

The Intercontinental Hotel


This is (so far) my number one choice for venue.  It has everything we are looking for–close proximity to the church (only a few blocks–walking distance!–away), it’s a hotel for all of our out-of-town guests, it’s really elegant and swank, and it has delicious food and beverages available.  The picture above is of the hotel lobby–get a load of that chandelier!  Love it.

The Grain Exchange


Love this venue too!  It’s a little farther from the church (definitely not walking distance, but less than a five minute drive).  Gorgeous site, we’d have the whole building to ourselves, and the catering company is fantastic.  Cons:  not a hotel, not as close to church.

The Eisner Museum


Another gorgeous venue.  This place is hip and modern–it’s an advertising museum, after all!  We’d get to rent out the whole facility, and it’s right in our neighborhood we currently live.  Cons:  We’d have to price out catering, beverages, and rentals seperately, and it’s the furthest from the church.

We are looking at other venues too, but these are three of my favorites!

Where are you getting married?  How did you pick your venue?



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2 responses to “Venue Search, Continued!

  1. I love all three of those venues, esp the first two! And your church is gorgeous! We had similar venue requirements as you, but there weren’t many hotels near our church(because it is outside the city) that could host a wedding. We opted for a hall that is within walking distance to a hotel and a 5-10 minute drive from the church. This is our venue! the website isn’t the greatest but they are in the process of updating it 🙂

  2. rhodeygirltests

    you HAVE to have your reception at the intercontinental. just looked up some more pics and it looks so amazing amy!

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