Back to Square One.

Ah.  It’s been a helluva weekend, kids.  I am kind of tired of talking about it, but since this is my wedding planning blog, it needs to be about ALL of my wedding planning…the ups AND the downs.

Well, we decided on a reception venue and decided to re-crunch the numbers, just to make sure.  Thank goodness we did, because we discovered that Little Miss Wedding Planner had been looking at the wrong entree prices the entire time…and with taxes, service charge, etc. the venue we LOVE has now become the venue we can’t afford.

I cried and cried and cried about this all day on Saturday.  But then I realized that everything happens for a reason, and I am not willing to compromise our entire budget just for the location.  We want to have a great party, with a wonderful meal, surrounded by our family and friends.  And we’ll have that.  We just won’t have it at the unattainable, shockingly expensive, “how-could-I-have-looked-at-the-wrong-prices” venue.  And surprisingly, I am ok with that.

I think part of my disappointment was the fact that once we booked, we would be DONE looking.  I have worked so hard, creating spreadsheets, making appointments, dreaming about the endless catering possibilities, so it was distressing to feel like I have to start all over again.  But the good thing is, we now know what we can afford, and we won’t have to compromise on other things, like photography or flowers, just to afford an insanely overpriced venue.

The funny thing is that today, two days after this all went down, I have a much better perspective on things.  Once I let go of the “must have wedding reception at a hotel” dream, the possibilities have opened up.  The Milwaukee Public Museum, the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts, and some of the available venues on the lake are all breathtaking venues that would be beautiful–and affordable.  Not to mention the Eisner Museum, which was featured in earlier post.  Either way, I will be marrying my best friend and we will be surrounded by people we love…so it doesn’t matter if our reception is a gala event at a huge hotel or if it’s a backyard BBQ…it’s the love between us and our families that matters.

Did you let go of any wedding dreams and find it worked out for the best?

P.S.  That dream venue shall remain nameless…but needless to say, it was one of the hotels.


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