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Crisis of Wedding Conscience

I’m back from vacation, and I admit it, my friends.  I am having a crisis of wedding conscience.


This is a little bit how I feel.

Relax, relax…it’s a FUN crisis of conscience, if there is such a thing.  So what am I stressing about?  OUR COLORS. Suddenly, my eyes are opening to a whole new world of color palettes and schemes!   Just look at these fabulous color combinations, courtesy of Snippet & Ink (

3412Love the mustard color in this scheme.  But alas, too springy?

3501Gorgeous corals.  What a great take on the warm colors typical for fall weddings!

3761Love this French chic look–but definitely not Mr. Groomy’s style…a little too tailored, I think.

3091This is my favorite…so rich, so full of color!  But will it work with our venue?

And that is the question at hand–how will it work in the reception space we’ve chosen? As you know, we have been planning a black, white, and kelly/apple green soiree.  But now I wonder if that will fit in with the look of our venue?  The gilded ceilings, the painted woods throughout the room…take a look and tell me what you think:



Please note that on the above photo, the column is now painted a beige color like the picture above it, not that crazy aqua.  All the tones are a bit more muted now since our caterer revamped the space.

Photos courtesy and

As you can see, the room lends itself to a color palette that includes more browns…but somehow, that is not what either I or Mr. Groomy has in mind for our wedding.  We want chic and classic…but we also don’t want there to be a huge clash of colors too!  So, peeps, tell me what you think! Can we pull of a black and white wedding in this room, or do I need to reconsider the color scheme? Alternatively, can we do black and white but should we reconsider our accent color?


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For those of you who don’t know, is a great site and invaluable resource for thrifty, DIYers like myself.  You can find loads of hand-crafted goods to help make your wedding unique and memorable.  Take a look at this great shop I just found!

The shop is called Pom Love, and the artist specializes in paper pomanders–which is JUST what I am looking for to flank the church seats.  The cathedral has seats instead of pews, and the chairs on the end of each row have arms that are practically screaming to hang a pomander off of them!  Imagine these little beauties about every other row:

etsy-pom-loveSource:, Pom Love store

Perhaps tied with a pretty ribbon and hanging off the chairs ala these pics?

pomanders-at-churchSource:, via

white-promandersSource: via

Yay for fun wedding inspiration!

Stay Tuned:  Little Miss Wedding Planner is heading out for a Caribbean vacation tomorrow (coincidentally, to a friend’s destination wedding in the Dominican Republic!).  I’ll be back in a week, with loads of wedding inspiration and fun vacation stories for you!

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Wedding Crack

That’s right, girls…today I want to talk to you about my habit.  My addiction.  My “needafixrightnow!”  That’s right, I’m talking about the be all, end all of wedding crack:


The bridal magazine. Seriously.  This is a rack at the grocery store that I cannot stay away from.  Modern Bride, Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides, Elegant Bride…the list goes on!  I love them all.  I pore through them, reading each and every article, even if it doesn’t pertain to me.  Destination Weddings on a Budget?  Yes, please.  How to Deal with Lunatic In-laws?  Ooh, sure!  I’m not having a destination wedding, and I love my in-laws…but no matter–if it’s in the magazine, I will read it!

ms-weddings1 And once I finish one, it’s like I need another fix–immediately, please.  I am thinking about subscribing to at least one of these magazines for the duration of our engagement, simply because I need to stop dropping $6.99 for each issue!  I’m thinking Martha Stewart Weddings, because that’s my all time favorite.  I love Martha.  And everything in the magazine is always so chic, so classic, so…timeless.  Sigh. That Martha, she’s a girl after my own heart.

Image Source:

Do you subscribe to wedding magazines?  Which ones are your favorites?

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You know those scenes in movies when something great happens, and the heavens open up and you can hear angels singing, “Hallelujah, hallelujah!” That’s totally how I feel today because…we decided on our reception venue!

Finally, finally, finally…after much stress and many sleepless nights, we know where our reception will be held.  We signed on the dotted line and paid our deposit for…

Dun dunnn dunnnnnnn….

(although, those of you who know me probably saw that coming, with all the times I’ve talked about it in the last few weeks).

Mr. Groomy and I are just thrilled.  No matter where we looked, we kept coming back to this place.  The food is going to be fantastic, and that was really important to Mr. Groomy.  The location is great and the room itself is totally magnificent and definitely has that “wow” factor…and that was really important to me.  We’ve even discovered that there is a Marriott hotel only one block away that I was not previously aware of–so our guests will be able to stay there and be able to get from church to our reception to their accommodations pretty easily.  Hooray!

Now, for some eye candy:


This is the room set up for a reception.  We will have white linens and chair covers, but isn’t it grand?


A shot of the ceiling and upper windows in one corner of the room…look at those hand-painted frescoes!


This picture is of the lofted area in the room.  If you would walk ahead to the railing and look down, you would be seeing over our entire reception site.  There are so many cool uses for this space, I am so psyched!

Needless to say, I am a very happy bride-to-be. Mr. Groomy and I are going on a tropical vacation next week, and I am so thrilled that this very large to-do has been checked off our list before we leave!  I can’t wait to move into the fun part of wedding planning…all the details.  I am a very detail-oriented person, so I know I will just love this stuff!


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