Crisis of Wedding Conscience

I’m back from vacation, and I admit it, my friends.  I am having a crisis of wedding conscience.


This is a little bit how I feel.

Relax, relax…it’s a FUN crisis of conscience, if there is such a thing.  So what am I stressing about?  OUR COLORS. Suddenly, my eyes are opening to a whole new world of color palettes and schemes!   Just look at these fabulous color combinations, courtesy of Snippet & Ink (

3412Love the mustard color in this scheme.  But alas, too springy?

3501Gorgeous corals.  What a great take on the warm colors typical for fall weddings!

3761Love this French chic look–but definitely not Mr. Groomy’s style…a little too tailored, I think.

3091This is my favorite…so rich, so full of color!  But will it work with our venue?

And that is the question at hand–how will it work in the reception space we’ve chosen? As you know, we have been planning a black, white, and kelly/apple green soiree.  But now I wonder if that will fit in with the look of our venue?  The gilded ceilings, the painted woods throughout the room…take a look and tell me what you think:



Please note that on the above photo, the column is now painted a beige color like the picture above it, not that crazy aqua.  All the tones are a bit more muted now since our caterer revamped the space.

Photos courtesy and

As you can see, the room lends itself to a color palette that includes more browns…but somehow, that is not what either I or Mr. Groomy has in mind for our wedding.  We want chic and classic…but we also don’t want there to be a huge clash of colors too!  So, peeps, tell me what you think! Can we pull of a black and white wedding in this room, or do I need to reconsider the color scheme? Alternatively, can we do black and white but should we reconsider our accent color?


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  1. i think all rich jewel like tones would be gorgeous !!

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