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Creating A Wedding Website

Many brides and grooms have wedding websites–in this day and age, it’s a great way to get guests excited about your wedding, as well as get out vital information to your wedding party, families, and friends that you wouldn’t otherwise want to include in an invitation suite.  Plus, it’s much more exciting than just sending out a regular ol’ email!

There are many companies through which you can set up a wedding website.  Some are free, some are free for awhile and some are pay sites.  Some of the free sites are:

And some of the pay sites are:

(Many thanks to for this list of links)

When Mr. Groomy and I got engaged, one of the first things we I did was create our wedding website.  We decided to go with on the basis of recommendation from a friend (Hi, RhodeyGirl!).  I loved their templates, and we could get fairly customizable on the page contents.  Since our engagement is so long, I decided right away to pay for our own domain, which will last us until after the wedding.  Once the logistics were set, I got to creating!

I made our site password protected, because I wanted our friends and family to be able to access it but I didn’t want to give the rest of the internet free reign.  When you type in our domain (for example’s sake, we’ll say, guests see this:

Wedding Website Screenshot

In case you can’t tell, it’s a screen where our guests are prompted for our password.  Once the password is entered, they are redirected to a little introduction page (complete with music and moving graphics of our names that says “The Wedding Celebration of Little Miss WP and Mr. Groomy”).  After that, they see this:

Wedding Website Screenshot 2

My apologies for the blur…I am trying to keep Mr. Groomy fairly anonymous for now.

We did an intro page welcoming our friends and family to the site.  It also points out things to check out on the site, like our “request a song” feature, schedule of events, and things to do and see in the area.  Then, we did individual pages for each of those things, as well as a contact us page, a guest book page, and an about us page, which we did as a question and answer, with our names, loves (each other, of course!), likes, dislikes, and interesting facts.

Regardless of whether you decide to pay for a site and your own domain or create a free website, there are a couple of things to remember:

  • Take into account your privacy.  It’s one thing to semi-anonymously blog your wedding, but be careful with your website, where you will most likely be including personal details about yourself, your families, and your wedding party.
  • Make the site informative for your guests, but especially focus on those out-of-towners who might not have visited your city before.  Include not only information about your wedding events, but also things to do and see in the area.
  • Include your accommodation information if you are doing room blocks, and if you aren’t, include info on area hotels so that guests can find their own accommodations.
  • Have fun with it!  Update often and make the site interactive…encourage guests to sign the guestbook, request songs for your reception, or leave bits of advice for you.  The possibilities are endless!

I’ll be showing you more of our wedding website as we get closer to our nuptials.  Do you have a wedding website?  What are your tips and tricks?



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As you can see, I’ve been working on vastly improving the blog.  Let me know what you think!

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Gown Inspiration

Mr. Groomy, STOP.  You are not welcome here!  Go watch the Brewers or something, ok?  Because this post is all about bridal gowns and I don’t want even the remotest chance you might see mine.  Love you!


I have been online browsing for wedding dresses lately.  I am not buying my dress anytime soon, but it is so fun to look and get some ideas.  Here are some of my favorites right now (because you know this’ll change!):

Sottero & Midgley 1Sottero & Midgley 1 BACKSottero & Midgley 1Sottero & Midgley 1Source:

Love this dress!  It’s by Sottero & Midgley.  I am currently obsessed with modified a-lines, mermaid and trumpet skirts…and I am loving the bubble skirt style.  This dress also has the option of tiny cap sleeves, which is appealing to me because I am self conscious of my arms.


Alyce Designs 1Source:

Alyce Designs 1 BackSource:

I love this dress–this one is by Alyce Designs and it is super affordable.  I do NOT love the colored band on it, so that would definitely be changed.  I don’t really even love the color of the fabric (no worries, it also comes in white and ivory)…but I LOVE the bubble skirt and the fullness of the bottom half.  I LOVE THIS LOOK–I feel like it makes the fabric take center stage and that’s exactly what I want in a dress.   Not a lot of beading or any of that jazz, but some really beautiful fabric.  I love the bunching of this skirt too…not exactly rouching, but…bunching.  LOVE it.


Vineyard Collection 1Source:

This dress has been a favorite of mine since I bought my first bridal magazine.  It’s from the Vineyard Collection by Priscilla of Boston, and it’s way out of my price range, but I just love the silhouette and the small amount of bling on the top.  It is so perfectly formal, I love it!

So, those are just a few of the dresses I am drooling over!  Now tell me girls–how was your wedding dress shopping experience?  Did you pay a lot for your dress?  Where’d you get it?  If you have tips and tricks, please share!


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A Wedding Planning Progress Report

…aka “Who’s Got Two Thumbs and Is Way Ahead of The Wedding Planning Game?  THIS GUY!”

To date, we have:

1) Discussed and set up our budget, including:

  • Talking to the ‘rents about possible contributions
  • Setting up the actual budget, including a breakdown of where we want to spend the most, based on our priorities
  • Setting up a wedding checking account and credit card (in order to make deposits and be able to re-coup our funds in case of a vendor going out of business, etc.)

2) Put together a preliminary guest list, received preliminary guest lists from our parents, and already started to re-vamp our current guest list to make 275 guests or so (down from about 350)

3) Secured the church…and not just any church, a Cathedral!


4) Secured our reception site and caterer

Grain ExchangeSource:

5) Secured our photographer — in process.  A more detailed post on her is coming right up!

6) Secured our DJ — also in process.  A more detailed post on him is also coming right up!

7) Selected colors and theme–although this may change, we are not tying ourselves down to anything yet

8 ) Partially selected our wedding party

Time to go until our wedding:  approximately 16.25 months!

I feel like it doesn’t look like a big list, but a lot of the biggie stuff is out of the way…which equals less stress down the road!  So, fellow brides…how are your plans coming along?


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Invitation Mock-Up

Look what I made today!


An invitation mock-up! I created it during my lunch hour.  It is by no means a final product–just some fun I had.  I am going to be DIYing all of the paper products for our wedding, so I am trying to get ahead of the game by playing with paper products, templates, and samples so I can see what materials and design elements I’d like to work with when the time comes to actually do our invitations.  I ordered this invitation kit from, since I am really love the idea of a pocketfold invitation.  Then, I created all the text (and the logo that closes the fold) on my computer and printed everything out.  This kit came with everything pre-cut, so the only thing I really had to cut was the inserts…they were all sized the same size as the “Directions” card (see below), so I just had to cut some shorter in order for them to appear stacked.

Ok, enough about the process…onto the pictures!

invitation-mock-up-0024Voila!  A DIY Invitation

invitation-mock-up-003The actual invitation card

invitation-mock-up-004Close up of the pocketfold cards

invitation-mock-up-005Close up of the response card

invitation-mock-up-006Close up of the reception card

invitation-mock-upClose up of the accommodations card.  Two things about this:  1)Yes, I know I spelled accommodations wrong…bad mistake by someone who is known by her friends as the grammar queen.  2) We haven’t done room blocks yet, so this card is a fake.

So there you have it!  The “Directions” card will have a map and directions on it, but I ran out of time to do that so that card is just blank (hence, no picture).  One of the big lessons I learned on this project is what a pain in the arse it is to print this type of thing on my printer at the office (and also on my printer at home)–so I will definitely be having our invites printed at a copy store.  The cutting was pretty easy, so depending on costs, I think I could handle that, so most of my DIY time will be spent designing and assembling them.  This was such a fun project and I am pleased with how it turned out, considering I wasn’t even trying all that hard.  I can’t wait to do our real invitations when the time comes!

Are you DIYing your invitations?  How did they turn out?


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Interviewing DJs

This week, I am interviewing DJs! I’ve got to admit, the DJ business is something I know NOTHING about.  Sure, I’ve seen DJs “perform” millions of times, but it’s not something I ever thought seriously about until I got engaged.

I met with one DJ tonight and I am meeting another tomorrow.  Both come highly recommended by my venue, which is important to me because the room is very large and I am concerned about acoustics.

While preparing for my interviews, I searched high and low for tips and info about interviewing vendors.  Surprisingly, there wasn’t a lot out there (not that I was looking that hard, but nothing really popped up).  So, without further ado, here’s my tips about what to ask when interviewing your DJ:

1) Discuss package prices in detail.  Are service charges, taxes, travel costs, and set-up time included?  How much do they charge for overages?  Is there a charge for tuxes, if that’s what they choose to wear? (Shocking, I know, but there could be a fee for that).

2) Speaking of apparel, what do they wear when they are DJing?

3) How many years have they been in business,  and do they have education or training in DJ and Music Services?

4) Get back to basics when discussing your event.  Will they emcee?  What is their philosophy in running weddings?  How will they get people on the dance floor, and how do they envision the night flowing?

5) Do they have back-up equipment onsite?  Who will be your DJ?  Can you meet with your DJ before the wedding (usually about a month before)?  Have they worked at your venue before?  Will your DJ do a walk-through of the venue if they’ve never performed there before?  When will they be set-up–before guests arrive?

6) Lighting and extras:  what are their lighting packages?  Do they have extra multi-media packages you can tack on?  Is there an extra charge for special lighting?

I’m sure I’m missing some, so pipe in, gang–what are some more important things to cover in your music interviews?

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Wedding Dreams

Ok, gang…tell me I am not going crazy.  I have been having wedding dreams lately!  Last night, I had a dream about invitations, and trying to choose between two.  The night before, I had a dream about the photographer.  Are you serious?!  I have heard of wedding nightmares, but I never imagined I would have dreams about random details for our wedding.

In other news, I am having a blast with the planning. Now that finding a venue is out of the way, it has been really fun to think about DJs, photographers, and all the small details that go into planning the day.  There is so much inspiration out there!

Here’s a nice dose of some stuff I’m loving right now:


A popcorn buffet!  Popcorn is one of my favorite foods…how fun would this be?!


Pocketfold invitations.  I am about 90% positive I am DIYing most of the paper products for our wedding, and I LOVE pocketfold invitations.  I don’t really like the picture design on the back of this one, but I do like the RSVP, Reception and other cards included in the pocketfold!


HOW DIVINE IS THIS CAKE?!  It has such a unique look–I love it!

So tell me, gang…is it normal to have wedding dreams?


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