Wedding Dreams

Ok, gang…tell me I am not going crazy.  I have been having wedding dreams lately!  Last night, I had a dream about invitations, and trying to choose between two.  The night before, I had a dream about the photographer.  Are you serious?!  I have heard of wedding nightmares, but I never imagined I would have dreams about random details for our wedding.

In other news, I am having a blast with the planning. Now that finding a venue is out of the way, it has been really fun to think about DJs, photographers, and all the small details that go into planning the day.  There is so much inspiration out there!

Here’s a nice dose of some stuff I’m loving right now:


A popcorn buffet!  Popcorn is one of my favorite foods…how fun would this be?!


Pocketfold invitations.  I am about 90% positive I am DIYing most of the paper products for our wedding, and I LOVE pocketfold invitations.  I don’t really like the picture design on the back of this one, but I do like the RSVP, Reception and other cards included in the pocketfold!


HOW DIVINE IS THIS CAKE?!  It has such a unique look–I love it!

So tell me, gang…is it normal to have wedding dreams?



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2 responses to “Wedding Dreams

  1. rhodeygirltests

    i had a dream 2 nights ago that my wedding was the next day and i had nothing done and no one knew when to be where when.

    i am freaking, in case you can’t tell!

    popcorn idea seems way fun

  2. I have that cake stored in my inspiration photos now! Too cute!

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