Interviewing DJs

This week, I am interviewing DJs! I’ve got to admit, the DJ business is something I know NOTHING about.  Sure, I’ve seen DJs “perform” millions of times, but it’s not something I ever thought seriously about until I got engaged.

I met with one DJ tonight and I am meeting another tomorrow.  Both come highly recommended by my venue, which is important to me because the room is very large and I am concerned about acoustics.

While preparing for my interviews, I searched high and low for tips and info about interviewing vendors.  Surprisingly, there wasn’t a lot out there (not that I was looking that hard, but nothing really popped up).  So, without further ado, here’s my tips about what to ask when interviewing your DJ:

1) Discuss package prices in detail.  Are service charges, taxes, travel costs, and set-up time included?  How much do they charge for overages?  Is there a charge for tuxes, if that’s what they choose to wear? (Shocking, I know, but there could be a fee for that).

2) Speaking of apparel, what do they wear when they are DJing?

3) How many years have they been in business,  and do they have education or training in DJ and Music Services?

4) Get back to basics when discussing your event.  Will they emcee?  What is their philosophy in running weddings?  How will they get people on the dance floor, and how do they envision the night flowing?

5) Do they have back-up equipment onsite?  Who will be your DJ?  Can you meet with your DJ before the wedding (usually about a month before)?  Have they worked at your venue before?  Will your DJ do a walk-through of the venue if they’ve never performed there before?  When will they be set-up–before guests arrive?

6) Lighting and extras:  what are their lighting packages?  Do they have extra multi-media packages you can tack on?  Is there an extra charge for special lighting?

I’m sure I’m missing some, so pipe in, gang–what are some more important things to cover in your music interviews?


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