Invitation Mock-Up

Look what I made today!


An invitation mock-up! I created it during my lunch hour.  It is by no means a final product–just some fun I had.  I am going to be DIYing all of the paper products for our wedding, so I am trying to get ahead of the game by playing with paper products, templates, and samples so I can see what materials and design elements I’d like to work with when the time comes to actually do our invitations.  I ordered this invitation kit from, since I am really love the idea of a pocketfold invitation.  Then, I created all the text (and the logo that closes the fold) on my computer and printed everything out.  This kit came with everything pre-cut, so the only thing I really had to cut was the inserts…they were all sized the same size as the “Directions” card (see below), so I just had to cut some shorter in order for them to appear stacked.

Ok, enough about the process…onto the pictures!

invitation-mock-up-0024Voila!  A DIY Invitation

invitation-mock-up-003The actual invitation card

invitation-mock-up-004Close up of the pocketfold cards

invitation-mock-up-005Close up of the response card

invitation-mock-up-006Close up of the reception card

invitation-mock-upClose up of the accommodations card.  Two things about this:  1)Yes, I know I spelled accommodations wrong…bad mistake by someone who is known by her friends as the grammar queen.  2) We haven’t done room blocks yet, so this card is a fake.

So there you have it!  The “Directions” card will have a map and directions on it, but I ran out of time to do that so that card is just blank (hence, no picture).  One of the big lessons I learned on this project is what a pain in the arse it is to print this type of thing on my printer at the office (and also on my printer at home)–so I will definitely be having our invites printed at a copy store.  The cutting was pretty easy, so depending on costs, I think I could handle that, so most of my DIY time will be spent designing and assembling them.  This was such a fun project and I am pleased with how it turned out, considering I wasn’t even trying all that hard.  I can’t wait to do our real invitations when the time comes!

Are you DIYing your invitations?  How did they turn out?



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5 responses to “Invitation Mock-Up

  1. Those look great!

  2. rhodeygirltests

    you. are. insane. those look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i could never ever make something like that look so pretty!

  3. Um, for a mock up, these kick you-know-what! Seriously! I tried my hand at pocketfolds once…yeah didn’t work out too well. 🙂

  4. Crystal

    Ahhhh!!! I stumbled across your blog (and I saw you’ve finished it, but I still wanted to comment) THIS IS AMAZING!! It is EXACTLY what I want to do!

  5. amyc13

    Glad you are enjoying it! I actually ended up ordering invitations after doing my Save-the-Dates by hand. Invites for 300 people would have been a ton of work for me! 🙂

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