A Wedding Planning Progress Report

…aka “Who’s Got Two Thumbs and Is Way Ahead of The Wedding Planning Game?  THIS GUY!”

To date, we have:

1) Discussed and set up our budget, including:

  • Talking to the ‘rents about possible contributions
  • Setting up the actual budget, including a breakdown of where we want to spend the most, based on our priorities
  • Setting up a wedding checking account and credit card (in order to make deposits and be able to re-coup our funds in case of a vendor going out of business, etc.)

2) Put together a preliminary guest list, received preliminary guest lists from our parents, and already started to re-vamp our current guest list to make 275 guests or so (down from about 350)

3) Secured the church…and not just any church, a Cathedral!

CathedralSource: http://www.decorativerestoration.com

4) Secured our reception site and caterer

Grain ExchangeSource: http://www.bartolottacatering.com

5) Secured our photographer — in process.  A more detailed post on her is coming right up!

6) Secured our DJ — also in process.  A more detailed post on him is also coming right up!

7) Selected colors and theme–although this may change, we are not tying ourselves down to anything yet

8 ) Partially selected our wedding party

Time to go until our wedding:  approximately 16.25 months!

I feel like it doesn’t look like a big list, but a lot of the biggie stuff is out of the way…which equals less stress down the road!  So, fellow brides…how are your plans coming along?



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4 responses to “A Wedding Planning Progress Report

  1. rhodeygirltests

    WOWOWOWOW you’ve gotten so much done!

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  3. Crystal

    I thought I was crazy planning everything and booking a photographer 13 months pre-wedding!

  4. amyc13

    Nope, not crazy. Speaking from my own experience, I was totally relaxed about everything and only had “fun stuff” left to do in the last few months before my wedding because I had done so much ahead of time. And the week of my wedding? Totally relaxed and stress-free. 🙂

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