Gown Inspiration

Mr. Groomy, STOP.  You are not welcome here!  Go watch the Brewers or something, ok?  Because this post is all about bridal gowns and I don’t want even the remotest chance you might see mine.  Love you!


I have been online browsing for wedding dresses lately.  I am not buying my dress anytime soon, but it is so fun to look and get some ideas.  Here are some of my favorites right now (because you know this’ll change!):

Sottero & Midgley 1Sottero & Midgley 1 BACKSottero & Midgley 1Sottero & Midgley 1Source: karlsbridal.com

Love this dress!  It’s by Sottero & Midgley.  I am currently obsessed with modified a-lines, mermaid and trumpet skirts…and I am loving the bubble skirt style.  This dress also has the option of tiny cap sleeves, which is appealing to me because I am self conscious of my arms.


Alyce Designs 1Source: alycedesigns.com

Alyce Designs 1 BackSource: alycedesigns.com

I love this dress–this one is by Alyce Designs and it is super affordable.  I do NOT love the colored band on it, so that would definitely be changed.  I don’t really even love the color of the fabric (no worries, it also comes in white and ivory)…but I LOVE the bubble skirt and the fullness of the bottom half.  I LOVE THIS LOOK–I feel like it makes the fabric take center stage and that’s exactly what I want in a dress.   Not a lot of beading or any of that jazz, but some really beautiful fabric.  I love the bunching of this skirt too…not exactly rouching, but…bunching.  LOVE it.


Vineyard Collection 1Source: brides.com

This dress has been a favorite of mine since I bought my first bridal magazine.  It’s from the Vineyard Collection by Priscilla of Boston, and it’s way out of my price range, but I just love the silhouette and the small amount of bling on the top.  It is so perfectly formal, I love it!

So, those are just a few of the dresses I am drooling over!  Now tell me girls–how was your wedding dress shopping experience?  Did you pay a lot for your dress?  Where’d you get it?  If you have tips and tricks, please share!



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4 responses to “Gown Inspiration

  1. Em

    I was looking for interesting fabric details rather than beading/embellishments, too. I bought an Allure dress for around $700.

    It sort of resembles that Alyce one! Honestly, when you find it, as lame as this sounds, you’ll just “know.”

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  4. I love that last one!

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