On Making It Your Own

I’m about to show you some pictures that completely demonstrate making your wedding your own.   By “making it your own,” I mean capturing your personalities and infusing tiny details into your day that tell your guests about you and your love story.

Mr. Groomy Dr. Groomy (he has requested I use his actual title over the word Mister…there, happy now, honey?!) and I attended a wedding last weekend that, at first glance, we thought was going to be a bit off the wall.  Dr. Groomy used to work with the bride, and as she was planning her wedding, she would share details with him that he would in turn share with me.  Well, I should’ve known something was going to be lost in translation (she was, after all, sharing her details with a guy who really could care less about wedding details!) because this wedding was not nearly as tacky as I thought it was going to be.  In fact, it was fantastic–and every little detail was covered, all the way down to the decor, the programs, and the cake.

The wedding was held at a local comedy club where the bride and groom met.  Their “theme” was Lady and The Tramp, that ever-classic Disney movie, and they carried it all the way through with the food and decor.  The ceremony was fun and interesting–they had a sand ceremony (combining two colors of sand into one vase, similar to a unity candle), a hilariously funny officiant (who also happened to work with them at the comedy club), and the most interesting wedding bands I have ever seen!  The bride had the groom’s name tattoed on her ring finger, and the groom had the bride’s name tattoed on his ring finger.  Instead of exchanging rings, they each unwrapped a piece of tulle that had been tied around the tattoos as they said their vows.  It was so uniquely them and really made an impression on everyone!

The groom and his groomsmen wore nicely pressed jeans, tan jackets, and ties.  It was a really classy, albeit casual, look, and totally fit the wedding.  The bride wore her mother’s wedding gown–it was tea length, and she had it altered to add some more tulle underneath so it was really bouncy.  She also added a blue sash and bow (to match their colors)–it was so cute and matched perfectly with the groom.

And now, feast your eyes on all the fab details!

Blog Pics 033Ceremony Decor

Blog Pics 039Reception Decor…aren’t the checkered table cloths just precious?
The centerpieces were baskets with bunches of real grapes…perfect for the Italian theme!

Blog Pics 040More reception decor…
They had red and white hanging lanterns of various sizes all over the room, plus white lights on the walls–
It was so elegant and really dressed up the space.

Blog Pics 042Cake!
How adorable for the Lady & The Tramp theme.
The “meatballs” are chocolate truffles and the “sauce” is strawberry sauce.
The “noodles” are obviously piped frosting.

Blog Pics 041The individual cupcakes!

Blog Pics 043The cardbox.

There are a million more details I could share…the flower BOY, their two puppies, who freely roamed the venue throughout the ceremony and reception…the point is, this is how you make a wedding your own.  Pick a theme, or a detail, or a color you love, and run with it!



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2 responses to “On Making It Your Own

  1. Nadine

    I LOVE this. Especially the cakes…that’s awesome. It is fun to find someone who is not afraid to do it their way — instead of bowing to the pressure of what they feel they should do. Take some of that, and make it YOUR own. I know you will!!

  2. How fun! I love when people really make it their own!

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