I’m Back! (With My Newest Dress Obsession)

I have found, as our engagement goes on, that I seem to go in wedding planning spurts.  We are so far ahead of the game and I have so many wonderful ideas spinning around in my head that it’s nice to have the luxury to step back for a few weeks if I want to.   I have found that, in these early stages, I will go go go and get absolutely OVERLOADED with wedding inspiration, then break for a few weeks before diving back in again.  Either way, here I am, ready to dive back in and show you a dress I found on the Internet that I have been OBSESSING OVER.  (Dr. Groomy–this is your cue to exit…but feel free to tell your lovely co-workers to crowd on in!  😉 ).

Why?  Because if you know me at all, you know I love this gal.  Which means I equally loved her wedding dress:

CB dressSource: http://www.poshbot.com

Seriously?!  So fab.  In case you’re not obsessed and don’t own the movie and watch it five million times in a row, I can tell you that this dress is a Vivienne Westwood.  Oh, Vivi…you’re a girl after my own heart.  Interesting neckline, lush fabric, just a hint of something extra with that broach on the neckline…exactly all the things I want in my own wedding gown.

Enter the Sarah Danielle Bridalwear line.

SD dress

Source: http://www.sarah-danielle-bridalwear.com

UM.  HELLO?! Same dress, practically!   And instead of retailing for over $25,000 (as Carrie’s Vivienne Westwood gown does), this one retails for the quite comfortable price of $1,125.   As I told my sister…I love the fact that this dress is–and I quote–“freakin’ fancy-pants-wow-your-ass-off!”  This dress is a serious statement and I LOVE THAT.  It’s chic and formal and a million other adjectives I can’t describe right now because I just want to keep looking at it!  As you know, Dr. Groomy and I are pretty much having a black tie affair…and how fab would this dress be to set that tone!  Gaaaaahhhhhhh I want it.

In other news…well, there isn’t really other news.  Except I’m back!  And itching to do more wedding things.  And even though I can’t really start doing craft projects or the like for awhile yet, expect to see lots of inspiration posts in the coming weeks!



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7 responses to “I’m Back! (With My Newest Dress Obsession)

  1. I just had to come and visit your website – Hope you don’t mind. FYI – I had a bride last year who obtained the blue Manolo’s for her wedding – see the link attached to my name. Happy planning!

  2. Nadine

    that is be-YOU-ti-ful, Amy!! Have you tried any dresses on yet, or are you just gathering inspiration?!

  3. amyc13

    Just gathering inspiration right now! I am obsessed with this dress though. Wow.

  4. rhodeygirltests

    1. cute wedding you went to! not my style, but totally adorable anyway.

    2. gorg wedding dress, but I bet you $10 that you don’t end up with a dress like that. that is, if you’re anything like me!!!! i went for the OPPOSITE of what i said i wanted! crazy right?! hold on, sending u a pic now! i totally wanted poofy with little sleeves and instead got sweetheart strapless and sleek. weird!!!! 🙂

  5. Your Amazing Sister

    Come back soon! I want to see more thoughts on dresses and shit.

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