Hi Guys!  Sorry for my prolonged absence yet again.  I have been focusing so much on my marathon training that to be honest, I really haven’t been doing much wedding planning at all. I have been reading Weddingbee and Style Me Pretty and various other wedding blogs, though—I gotta keep up with the trends even if I’m not so much thinking about our wedding right now. 

Speaking of blogging, I have secured permission from both my DJ and my photographer to write blog posts about them…so I should have those posted in a few days for you!

Today I wanted to show you some inspiration pictures regarding my bridal jewelry.  Seems like such a mundane thing for me to be thinking about, right?!  In all seriousness though, the pieces that I think I want to use for my bridal jewelry will work well for the formal tone of the event, plus I can use the necklace as my “something old,” and it will be a good way for me to remember an absent family member. 

Besides loving this lady, anyone who knows me knows that I simply IDOLIZE this lovely lady:


That’s right, the lovely, chic, effortlessly classic Jackie O.  How fabulous was she?!  Seriously.  I’ve read like every single biography of her AND Jack I could get my hands on.  You want to know Kennedy trivia, I’m the girl for you.  She is definitely a style icon for me.

ANYWAYS…Jackie wore a lovely strand of pearls on her wedding day:

Jackie 2Source:

I have ALWAYS pictured myself wearing pearls on my wedding day.  They are so classic, so simply lovely…it just sets a beautiful tone. 


Source: MThree Studio via

My Grandma C (my dad’s mom) was a classic lady as well, and definitely a style icon in her own right.   Grandma C was a rockin’ lady—she ran the bridge club, the women’s league at church, and she even drove herself around town right up until a few months before her death at the ripe old age of 93!  Loud and opinionated (just ask my mother!), she was the sole head of the family for many years (my grandfather passed away before my father even entered high school). Grandma will always be remembered as an all-around, classic old broad (and I say broad in the most endearing of ways, because really, if you had met my grandma, you would call her a broad, too!). 

Grandma was known for her crazy jewelry—it was as distinct as her perfume (which, in retrospect, I think was Chanel No. 5—whenever I smell that scent I immediately think of her).  She owned MOUNTAINS of costume jewelry and tons of beautiful, REAL jewelry pieces as well. In her 93 years, she never got her ears pierced, so Grandma had oodles and oodles of flashy, clip-on earrings.  It was so fun when my sister and I were younger to go through her jewelry box and play with her costume pieces. 

She passed away when I was a sophomore in college, but I know she would have loved being around to see me plan a wedding and get married to Dr. Groomy.  Through her jewelry, she will be there in spirit, as I am lucky enough to have a set of my grandmother’s real pearls that I think I want to wear on my wedding day (of course, I have to get a dress first to see if they will work!).  Grandma’s necklace is a beautiful choker just like Jackie’s.  It needs to be re-strung, but once it is, it will be a perfect accent to our formal wedding, a perfect “something old” for me, and a perfect way to have Grandma C be right there with me on my wedding day.   I’ll need to find a close-to-matching bracelet and set of earrings to go with, but I am thrilled to (hopefully!) be able to wear this piece on my wedding day.



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6 responses to “Pearls!

  1. Your Amazing Sister

    Not gonna lie- gotta a little choked up reading that- you explained her perfectly!

  2. Nadine

    I love this, Amy! Pearls are timeless and elegant, but when they belonged to Grandma, well, they are priceless. I hope you find a way to incorporate them into your big day!

  3. Em

    This is so timely…I’m in the process of writing a post about how I DON’T want pearls for my wedding day! I think they’re great, classic, timeless…exactly how you described, but they’re just not for me. I think that’s what makes weddings/brides (especially those who read Weddingbee) so great: we’re all unique and fabulous. Your grandmother sounds like she was an amazing woman. I’ll be wearing something of my grandma’s on my W-day, too 🙂

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