On Finding The One

No, I’m not talking about THAT one.  And I’m not talking about this one, either.  I’m talking about finding our photographer!

They say finding your photographer is like finding your wedding dress.  You just know when you’ve met the right one.  I knew I had met ours the very first day I met her at a local bridal show.   Photography is very important to me—I knew I wanted a specific style of photography (namely, more photojournalistic qualities in the photos rather than posed shots), a knowledgeable and experienced photographer who could help make us look fab all day long, and a package that could meet our needs (engagement session, proofs, CD with images and release, an album or two, and plenty of coverage on the day of). 

While stuffing my face with cake samples perusing the aisles at one of the area’s largest bridal shows, I stumbled across a photography booth with photos that just screamed, “Come look at me!”  The photographer’s name was Sarah Immel, and with every photo I looked at, I was more and more hooked.  Sarah and I got to talking and I felt like we immediately clicked.  She took beautiful photos in both black & white and color, every shot was fabulous (she had multiple albums for me to look at) and as we discussed our wedding, she had some really great ideas.

I met her again at several more bridal shows, and each time, I felt her booth drawing me in like a magnet.  I looked at other photographers, crunched our numbers, and discussed with Dr. Groomy our various options.  Each time, I kept going back to Sarah…especially after I met with her one on one—we ended up talking for more than two hours!  It felt like I was hanging out with a good friend rather than a vendor.  While I knew that going with Sarah was going to be a bit of a splurge for us, Dr. Groomy and I both feel that it is definitely worth it.  Her package had everything we wanted, and most importantly, we really clicked!  We are thrilled to have her as our photographer!

And now, for your viewing pleasure…a few of the reasons we picked Sarah as our photographer.

*All photos by Sarah Immel Photography.

Engagement Photos like this one:

Third Ward Area Engagement 
Technically, this couple is already married…but they wanted to do an “anytime” shoot with Sarah.  Cool idea, right?  I love the shot on the left, mostly because that’s the neighborhood Dr. Groomy and I live in and this photo shoot gave me great ideas for our engagement session.

And this one:

Engagement 2

Detail Shots like these:

Detail Shot

Detail Shot 2 

Vibrant color photography like this:

Vibrant Colors  Do the colors on these photos just pop or what?!

And fabulous group shots like this:

Group Image  I seriously love this wedding, by the way.  Isn’t the color palette really cool?  And I LOVE the old school style tuxes. 

Men Image  Love this shot.

Bridesmaids  I really love this shot too…this is sort of how I picture my bridal party looking!  Black dresses, green flowers…

And you can’t forget the sweet moments like these:

Moment 1  Love it when a photographer captures a random moment in time. 

Shoes I am obsessed with shoe, hand, and any other shots where the couple’s faces or main bodies are left out.  They are so classic—almost like artwork rather than photos!

Milwaukee and Wisconsin area brides, be sure to check out Sarah for your next event…she not only does weddings and engagements, but family, maternity, baby, and senior photos too!  You can find her at:  www.SarahImmelPhotography.com.  And for more lovely photos, check out her blog:  http://sarahimmel.squarespace.com

We’re so excited to work with you, Sarah!



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