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Planning a Cohesive Event

Several times during the planning process so far, I’ve become bogged down by inspiration.  There are so many fabulous weddings out there and I sometimes feel as if ours won’t measure up.  What I mean is, all of these weddings have fabulous themes and cohesive ideas and everything looks so striking and coordinated together, and I worry that our wedding will just look like a mish-mosh of ideas.  I know the things I like, and I know the things Dr. Groomy likes, and I know the things we like together as a couple, but I worry that I won’t be able to pull all those details together and weave them into a single, cohesive event.  Most importantly, I worry that the wedding won’t feel like “us.”

In terms of our wedding theme and decor, here’s what we do have/know:

Our color palette
Our venue (and our church!)
Our style, which I haven’t written too much about yet (because as is the point of this post, I think we need to flush it out a bit more!)

And here’s what we don’t have/know:

Pretty much everything else:  florals, cake, linens, invitations, THEME

How do we infuse our personalities into the many details that make up the day?  We both love sports, being active, wine, good food, sarcastic humor, etc.  We each have our own loves:  cooking, reading, movies, video games, fantasy football (I’ll let you guess which one of us loves that one!), etc.  Do we take one of those elements and infuse it into our day?  We both work on the fritz of the medical industry, do we use that to create a theme?  Do we pick a stationery theme and then use that as a way to weave all our elements together?  Or do we start completely from scratch with no theme in mind and go from there?

I debated for a long time about writing this post, but then I decided that there must be other brides who have felt this way.  We were visiting my parents this weekend, and of course, conversations turned to the wedding.  I can’t remember exactly what we were talking about, but I told my mom, “No, we can’t do that—we’re having a formal wedding!”  She replied, “But you’re not really formal people!”  That single comment sent me reeling.  I WANT* our wedding to be beautiful, formal, chic and ELEGANT.  I have always dreamed of having a big fancy party, and that’s what we’re aiming to have.  However, I do NOT want people to walk away feeling like it “wasn’t us.”   So how do I strike the balance between fancy and stuffy?  Between a classed-up version of ourselves and trying too hard to be something we’re not?

Sometimes, when I look at all the fabulous weddings out there, I feel really stressed.  What if our wedding never comes together like that?  Of course, I know it will still be a wonderful, joyous occasion filled with family and friends, and that’s the most important thing…but I also know the part of me who wants it to be an aesthetically-pleasing, cohesive and beautiful event. 

Do you ever worry your ideas won’t come together?  Any tips for me on how to infuse our SELVES into every aspect of the wedding?

*I really hate using the phrase I WANT when it comes to talking about the wedding, because I know the wedding is about what WE want.  However, in this context, I’m discussing my own feelings and not Dr. Groomy’s. 



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My First DIY

FYI:  This is a picture heavy post!

You guys know how excited I am to infuse lots of DIY details into our day.  We splurged big on our caterer and photographer, so I am looking forward to saving some money and really personalizing our wedding with lots of wonderful details.

The unfortunate thing about DIY is that, when you’re having a long engagement like Dr. Groomy and I are, it’s not something you can really get started on right away.  This can lead to complete inspiration overload, but it can also be really helpful—you can test out DIY projects before you fully commit to doing them…and a few weeks ago, that’s just what I did!

Although I have been conflicted about colors and decor since we started planning, I saw one inspiration pic early on in our engagement that I KNEW I would be incorporating into our ceremony decor:

Aisle Pomanders(Source)

AISLE POMANDERS.  I love, love, LOVE the way these look.  And because our church doesn’t have traditional pews but instead has wooden chairs, these would work perfectly for our ceremony decor!

Unfortunately, flower pomanders cost an arm AND a leg…but fortunately, those lovely balls in the pic above aren’t made of flowers.  They’re made of…tissue paper!  Score.   A DIY I know I can pull off. 

So two weeks ago, following the tutorial from the lovely Vintage Glam blog, as well as Weddingbee, I decided to do a trial run and make a tissue paper pomander using some random ribbon and tissue paper I had around the house.

A couple of points to note:

1.  I used random stuff I had laying around, because as I said, this was a test run.  When all is said and done, our pomanders will be ivory or champagne gold, with a champagne colored ribbon.  Please ignore the hellacious red and yellow colors seen here.

2.  If you’re going to attempt this project, I highly suggest investing in a paper cutter.  I’m lucky and work in an office that has an industrial paper cutter.  I am not lucky in the fact that I forgot to bring it home the weekend I made this pomander…so it’s a bit messier than I’d like and not as uniform as they eventually will be, simply because my paper sheets were similar sizes but not the exact same size. 

3.  I’ll be showing you how I created my pomander in two parts.  Part one involves making all the flowers, and part two involves actually putting the pomander together.

Ok, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s check out the pics!

Miscellaneous 018 
First, set up your supplies.  Tissue Paper, ribbon, 22-gauge flower wire, 4” styrofoam balls, glue gun, wire cutter.  (I had to go out and get the wire cutter, glue gun, and balls, as I didn’t already have those).

Part One:  Make your flowers.

Miscellaneous 019 
Step One:  Cut your paper.  These are 5” x 8” sheets. 


Miscellaneous 020 
Step Two:  Fold your paper.  Stack four sheets on top of each other and accordion fold.


Miscellaneous 021 
Step Three:  Wrap with floral wire.  I think my pieces of wire were about 5” long?  Maybe less (sorry, not that’s not very precise blogging by me!).  Wrap around the middle of your folded sheets and twist.


Miscellaneous 022 
Step Four:  Round the ends with a regular scissors.  Maybe a corner rounder would work here too, depending on the size?  I just used scissors.  Easy peasy.


Miscellaneous 023 
Step Five:  Unfold.


Miscellaneous 024 
Step Six:  Fluff.


Miscellaneous 025 
Voila!  You have a big ol’ flower!  Lather, rinse, and repeat steps 1-6 until you have as many flowers as you need.  I needed roughly 20 or so (I could’ve used a few more) for each 4” ball.


Part Two is actually putting the pomander together.

Miscellaneous 026 
Step One: Using a screwdriver, drive a hole through the center of your styrofoam ball for your ribbon.  This looks deceptively easy but was sort of a pain in the arse. 


Miscellaneous 027 
Step Two:  Thread your ribbon.  This step is KEY.  I tried (unsuccessfully) to just shove my ribbon through the styrofoam ball.  Um, needless to say, it didn’t work, and I wasted a big bunch of ribbon doing that.  Instead, use some floral wire to create a “needle” to help guide the ribbon through the ball.  After you’ve thread the ribbon through the ball, you can remove this “needle” easily. 


Miscellaneous 028 
Step Three:  Knot the ribbon a few times at the end.  Next time I do this, I might actually glue the ribbon down with a dot from the glue gun as well, just for extra hold.  Cut your ribbon how you’d like…some people prefer not to have ribbon coming out of the bottom of the pomander, and some people are all about that.   For this trial, I cut the ends nicely and let them hang out.   Voila!  Now you’re ready to glue!


Miscellaneous 029 
Step Four:  Add a dab of hot glue to the base of your flower, and shove it on into the styrofoam ball.  (You can barely see the glue in this pic, but trust me, it helps.)  Continue gluing flowers in until you have a completed pomander (I am sorry to tell you that I don’t have any pics with my ball being halfway completed.  Bad blogger, I know!).


And voila:  a DIY flower pomander!

Miscellaneous 035

Overall, I am happy with how it turned out.  These are definitely a rough cut, but like I said before, I think they will look great—and much more uniform—once I cut the paper with a cutters and use the softer colors I described.  This will hopefully be easy to pull off, as I plan to invite my bridesladies over to help me fold, fluff, and cut!

Did your first DIY projects turn out as you expected?


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After seeing this post by Penny over at Pantomime Papers, I just knew I had to try Wordle out for my blog!  Here’s what the blog looks like in words:


Love that venue and color are the two largest words…um, biggest stressors so far?!  Haha.

What does your blog look like in words?

**Sorry posting has been light lately.  I am obsessed with the latest Dan Brown novel and want nothing to do with the Internet forgot my camera today but I plan to upload two posts tomorrow!

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Here I Am!

Guys, I have to make apologies this week.  I have been working working WORKING like crazy on some super hard projects at work (I swear, some days my job title should be Self-Taught Graphic Artist) and I have just been too swamped to blog.  Normally, I like to take a “coffee” (ok, mine’s more like Diet Coke!) break mid-afternoon, blog a little, and then get back to work, but lately I just haven’t even had time  to do that.  By the time I get home at night, I’ve got other stuff going on (teaching dance, marathon training, etc.) so I just haven’t had time.  Bad blogger, I know.  I am working on it.  I really want to improve the blog and improve my writing technique and consistency, so please know that I will be better from here on out.

I have lots of great posts in the queue for you, including two posts (yes, I said TWO posts!) on how I am staying organized for the wedding (let’s just say, if you’re not Type A like I am, you’ll be able to at least glean some tips to help you get organized, since I am the self-titled Organizational Queen).  I also have a post on my first wedding DIY project…a trial run for assembling tissue paper pomanders!  In the meantime, let me leave you with a pic of the centerpieces I am currently drooling over:


Drool.  I love love love the wrought iron candle holders!  How great would they be for a fall wedding like mine?  Unfortunately, these candle holders came from a florist in Italy (where this wedding took place), but I am hoping to locate some here in the Midwest.  Gorgeous, no?

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Rehearsal Dinner Dress, Revisited

Alright, so I know I am a LONG ways off from even thinking about the rehearsal dinner attire (Hello, Amy, get a wedding gown first!), but I can’t help it.  I am in LOVE with these flouncy, bouncy dresses I talked about before.  And I found some more inspiration!

This afternoon while I was working reading Style Me Pretty, I saw this post from Abby.  One of the bloggers in the Style Circle (which, by the way, if you haven’t checked out yet, you need to!) had posted about a dress designer she found on Etsy…and LOOK AT ALL THESE FAB, POOFY DRESSES!  Swoon.

(All photos from the Timeless Vixen Etsy site). 

First, one in classic white, in case I want to sport that color at the rehearsal:

White Dress

And then of course, one in my favorite color:

 Red Dress

A fun little black dress:

Black Dress

And lastly, another fun one in my favorite color (I can’t decide which of the two reds is my actual favorite!):

 Red Dress 2

SWOOOOOON.  Seriously!  There are so many fun dresses in the shop, I had a hard time just picking a few to show you.  Check out Timeless Vixen on Etsy if you love vintage-style garb, too!  (Note:  these are actual vintage pieces, not replicas.  So the shop’s inventory is constantly changing and not all dresses will fit all body types!)

In other news, Dr. Groomy and I are headed up to the North Woods of Wisconsin for Labor Day weekend.  I am looking forward to some much needed time UNPLUGGED from the internet, work, and my cell phone.  We plan to golf, read, play some Wii (just got the Price Is Right game, score!), and eat lots of delicious food!  I’ve also got an 18 mile run planned for Saturday morning (yikes!).  Catch you guys when we get back! 


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