My Latest Must-Have

I’m just going to go ahead and say it…I’m not a shoe girl.  I’m not even a fashion girl, really.  Sure, I like fashion, I like fashion magazines, I like beautiful clothes and bags and all of that.  Heck, my love for Carrie Bradshaw is practically on the worshipful side.  But anyone who knows me will tell you that, as much as I might like to be, I’m just not that fashionista gal.  My day to day “uniform” is more t-shirts and jeans than heels and pencil skirts.  Which is why it is surprising then, that my latest wedding obsession is not a dress, or an invitation set, or even jewelry.  No, it’s a pair of shoes.


I want you, I need you, I have to have you.

And by you, I mean THESE:


DIVINE.  Sigh.  They are Stuart Weitzman and they. are. LOVELY!

See how WONDERFUL they look as bridal shoes?

SW2  (Source)


Problem:  They are expensive.  My thoughts on this, however, are that you only get married once and I can tell you that I would love—and wear!—these shoes forever. 
Bigger Problem:  They are POPULAR, which means they are only available from Zappo’s in sizes 5.5, 7.5, and 11.  What the?!

So, dear readers, tell me:  what are your tips for nailing down a must-have-but-it’s-in-high-demand piece of merchandise?  Anybody have any idea where else I can buy these shoes?



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5 responses to “My Latest Must-Have

  1. hmmm, I know its rando but maybe Craigslist? or eBay??? or even

  2. rhodeygirltests

    Call Stuart W. directly in Manhattan. They might be able to procure them for you.

    And Little Miss, they are worth EVERY PENNY! I loved my stuarts and would buy them over again in a second… wait.. I did.. in black!

  3. rhodeygirltests

    P.S. I also realized that for my wedding I didn’t spend enough time thinking about hair and makeup and therefore HATED my look. Don’t repeat my mistake and just sign up with the first makeup person who is recommended to you!

  4. I just found your blog and I am also OBSESSED with shoes. I spend waaay too much money on them and cant even tell you about the shoes for my wedding last Oct. Cute blog!!

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