First, an announcement:  I am finally caught up at work (after TWO STRAIGHT MONTHS of being totally behind!) which means that I will finally have the extra time I need to fully devote to blogging!  Thanks for hanging in there with me these last few weeks, gang, as I traveled and played a lot of ketchup catch-up (oh, I couldn’t resist!).   I will hopefully now have three to four posts per week coming for you guys! 

And the first post of this week is that I AM GOING DRESS SHOPPING!!!  Hooray!  The stars magically aligned so that all my “must-be-theres” could come with me…so on Saturday morning, I will set out with my mom, Dr. Groomy’s mom, my sister (who is my MOH) and my friend of honor (FOH!) Kristin (one of my bridesmaids and closest friends).  I am so excited—I feel like this is when the “real” wedding planning starts.  Since we are having a formal wedding, I feel as though I sort of can’t plan anything else until I get my dress, as it will set the formality of the event and thus dictate what the bridesmaids and mothers will wear.  Once we have the bridesmaids’ dresses chosen, then I can move on to flowers and cake, and so on.  So this is a huge step for me!

I’m planning on going into dress shopping with a pretty open mind.  I know what types of gowns I gravitate towards, but I am willing to try on everything and anything and I would like to try on many different styles to see what might look best on me.  Will it…

be a beautiful mermaid gown?                 or perhaps a lovely ball gown?

Mermaid     Ballgown

have sleeves?                                         or be strapless and embellished?

off-shoulder straps   crumb-catcher

(Source for all dresses)

I am thrilled to finally be going but I am also nervous.  I’m not nervous about shopping, or finding the dress, or any of that—I am worried about the store!  I have heard so many horror stories about bridal shops going bankrupt and brides losing their money—and their dresses!—because of it.  I plan to do a full review of the store or stores we end up going to when I am done, but needless to say, the store I am planning on shopping at has a good, solid reputation and very few bad reviews, so I should have nothing to worry about…but I still am! 

I am also a little sad—I have so much enjoyed trolling for dresses and magazines online, in magazines, and on tv that I sort of don’t want it to end!  Did anyone else feel this way when they finally went dress shopping?  I am so excited to do it but I wish the whole process would last a little longer.  As I’ve said before, I know I’ll know it when I put it on and I’m usually a quick find.  I guess we’ll see after this weekend!

Finally, I leave you asking for some advice:  what should I wear while dress shopping?  Heels, even if they’re not my wedding shoes?  Also, should I be going out and getting a white strapless bra?  I only own a black strapless.  Do I bring the bra with me?!  So much to think about—leave me with some advice, please!



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7 responses to “I’m Going DRESS SHOPPING!!!!!

  1. rhodeygirltests

    1. I dreaded dress shopping so I banged it out of the way soon. I have a very particular sense of style and was afraid I wouldn’t be able to find my dress in an American store. I still sort of didn’t, but my dress was pretty anyway!

    2. What to wear:
    Wear comfortable pants (jeans) and a shirt that is easy to take on and off. Wear really good walking shoes because you will probably be on your feet all day if you are going to more than one store. Bring any pair of heels that are close to the height you’d be willing to wear on the wedding day, but lots of bridal stores have ones to try on with the dresses anyway. Bring a strapless bra, but don’t worry too much about it. Again, a good store will have one for you to try and/or buy. And those details can always be figured out later.

    Also, don’t bother wearing a necklace with your outfit that day because you will constantly be taking it off to see the full look of the dress!

  2. rhodeygirltests

    I like that you’re feeding your posts through Twitter because I don’t use google reader so I never know when you have a new post up!!!! This is much easier than checking every day 🙂

  3. Em

    Oh YAY!! It’s so so exciting!

    Rhodeygirltests gave some really good advice already, so I’ll just second most of that. I wore a strapless bra, but honestly didn’t even wear it usually because I wanted to see what the dresses would look without a big fat bra strap. Definitely bring heels with the approx height of what you want your wedding day shoe to have. Just makes things look a little more realistic.

    Most importantly, if it doesn’t feel right don’t get pushed into it. And remember, you don’t have to buy *that day*. You always have time to think about it, even if they say you have to order RIGHTNOW. Have fun and take pics (or sneak them!)

  4. Jill

    Yay! Dress shopping! I wore a black strapless bra and I never saw it through the dresses I was trying on. I definitely think it’s a good idea to have one though so you don’t see straps.

    Just be comfortable and I didn’t even bring heels. Seeing as I am on the short side, all the dresses were way too long anyway, even with heels. The stores do usually have shoes if you want them and don’t want to bring your own.

    I can’t wait to hear about your experience, I’m sure it will be great! I know what you mean though, I still watch shows and think it would be fun to shop one more time, but it does set the tone for everything else, so getting it done is a great idea.

    Good luck and have fun! You will know it when you find the right one 🙂

  5. Kristin

    let’s go now, i’m pumped!!!! 🙂 kdoc

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