My First Major Purchase

Remember this inspiration board I made awhile back, when we were working out our color palette?

Red & Gold

Credits: Lisa Lefkowitz, Jeff & Julia Woods, Corbin Gurkin Photography, Our Labor of Love, Maria, Atrendy Wedding, Adeline and Grace Photography, Orchard Cove Photography, Sedona Bride, Sedona Bride

Can you guess what my favorite part about this inspiration board was?

…if you guessed those shoes, you guessed right!  If you’ll remember, I lamented about those shoes awhile back.  Oh how I loved them, but oh, how Zappos only had them in random sizes!

NOT SO, my friends, NOT SO!  I randomly checked the Zappos site yesterday (you know, just to check in on those beautiful shoes…) and guess what?!  They had my lovely Stuart Weitzman’s in the correct size I need. 

I hemmed and hawed for about an hour and then I bit the bullet.  I bought them!  Don’t laugh, but this is the most money I have ever spent on a pair of shoes, so I still sort of have some sticker shock.  (I told you I’m not a shoe girl, so don’t go holding that against me!)  However, I think they are worth it.  They are quality shoes that I am going to wear on my WEDDING DAY (!!)  and I know I will wear them beyond as well.  Even though they’re bright red, I think they will be quite versatile in my wardrobe (which consists of a lot of neutrals—mainly white, brown, gray and black.  As my sister would say, I could use a little color sometimes!).   Yay!  I am so excited and can’t wait to get them!!  They won’t be here in time for dress shopping on Saturday, but that’s ok…because soon enough I WILL have these lovelies in hand!


So, I made my first major wedding related purchase.  Hooray!   Now it’s your turn:  what was your first big purchase for the big day?



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3 responses to “My First Major Purchase

  1. congrats on the shoes lady! can’t wait to hear about dress shopping!

  2. They’re gorgeous!

    (I found you via WB…I’m another Oct. 2010 bride!)

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