THE Dress, Part 2

Again, Dr. Groomy, with the warning:  Move it or lose it!  I know you don’t really read the blog anyway, but of all posts, this is another one that I really don’t want you to read!  I am about to post pictures of my wedding gown and I don’t want you to see me in it.  So go watch some Bucks basketball or play some Wii or something, ok?!  Love you!


Where were we?  Ah yes, gown shopping!

So there I was, trying on dress after dress after dress.  Some were simple, some were beaded, a LOT of them were ball gowns.  Here’s an example of some I tried on:

Alternate Gown 

Lovely, right?  Simple A-line gown with one shoulder and minimal embellishment.  It was lovely, but it didn’t really scream at me, “I am your wedding dress!”  (Sorry that the picture is of my back—technically, we weren’t allowed to take photos until after I purchased my gown, so my sister had to sneak them, sometimes when I wasn’t looking or facing the right way!)

I also tried on a dress very similar to this one:

Maggie 2

This is Cossette, by Maggie Sottero.  It was a very pretty dress, but it felt much much too Cinderella for me.  See the pleating in the skirt?  It was like that in the back as well and I remarked how it felt “very ugly step-sister.”  Not ugly step-sister as in the dress was ugly—because it wasn’t, it was very pretty!—but because it reminded me of an actual ballgown—like the kind the stepsisters and Cinderella would wear to the ball. 

I also tried on this exact dress:

Maggie 1

This is Glorianna, also by Maggie Sottero.  This dress was BEAUTIFUL, but it was SO. HEAVY.   We’re talking, ohmygoshIamtiredjuststandinghere heavy.  However, this dress was still so lovely that it actually came down to this one or the one I eventually chose.  I think the moms preferred this dress (they both kept saying, “This is what I pictured you getting married in!”).   So what made me decide on my dress?

In a word, the veil.  Well, that’s not entirely true, but it definitely helped seal the deal!  The dress I chose was the first—do you hear me?  THE FIRST!—one I put on that day.  It was gorgeous, it made me feel gorgeous, and I could instantly picture myself walking down the aisle to marry Dr. Groomy in it.  I was pretty sold once I had it on, but wanted to try on other dresses.  Which I did, and had a lot of fun doing.  But I just kept going back to the first dress.  Finally, I put it back on and my friend KDoc added a cathedral length veil to top it all off.  With that, I was sold…and so were the moms.  They both sucked in their breaths and there was a lot of “wows” going on.   Even people in the store were saying, “Girl, that is YOUR dress.”  KDoc and my sister said to me, “It’s SO you.”  And it is!   So, without further ado…

**Dr. Groomy, if for some reason you’re still reading (NAUGHTY!), this is really, really, REALLY the time to go away.**

Front View

It’s designed by Jacquelin Bridal (for House of Wu) and it is style #5517.  Isn’t it just lovely?!  Really unique—I have not seen another bridal gown like it at any weddings I’ve seen or attended.  It is a softer style of a mermaid cut gown and the underside color is a light gold.  The overlay is SILVER and entirely embroidered lace, with a few beads and rhinestones for some added sparkle.  Evidence:

Close-Up    Close-up of Bodice

It is the perfect color and cut…I love love love love LOVE it.  I cannot wait to wear it.  I love the way I feel in it, I love the way I look in it and I love that I can picture myself prancing around in it on the day of our wedding already.  Some more dress porn for you:

Side view 2

Here you can see how the train looks, and get a more accurate idea of the color.  I love that it is not your standard bridal color.

Back View

And here’s a nice view from the back.  Sigh.  I just LOVE IT!!!  I am so obsessed, seriously.

So that’s the story of how I found my gown.  It was the first one I put on, and I was instantly in love.  Ironically enough, my mom’s wedding dress happened to be the first one she tried on, too!  I think that’s pretty fitting, and hopefully a sign that our marriage was be as long and happy as my mom and dad’s (30 years and counting!). 

How was your dress shopping experience?  Did you know right away that your dress was “the one”?

*all pictures by my sister or my mom, unless otherwise noted!



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13 responses to “THE Dress, Part 2

  1. Em

    SO lovely!! And it fits and flatters your body so well. Congrats!! Now stop looking 🙂

  2. irunthereforeieat

    I think I told you once that mine was the first one I tried on too…you’re beautiful & that dress is perfect for you — congrats! N.

  3. I love it!!!!! So SO gorgeous!!!! And goes well with your wedding theme too, not that that matters.

    Also, your hair is darker than I remembered in no? Whatever the case, the darkness of your hair with the lightness of your skin and the delicate gold of the dress go SO well together. This is THE one!

  4. stephanie

    omg! it is just so lovely, I love all these extra pics. !!!! you look like a princess. I didn’t know my dress was “the one” actually, I had buyer’s remorse! On my wedding day, though, it felt so amazing and I felt like it was so different and “me” — when I look at the wedding pics I am *so* grateful I didn’t buy “that other dress.” 😀

  5. Jen

    I LOOOOOOOOVE your dress!!!!! You’re going to be a beautiful bride!!!!

  6. Kristin

    i still love it. it is so chic and fashion-forward, totally you in every way, even though you never ever would have picked it from a picture alone. i am so glad you went into it open-minded and ready to try on anything! let’s hurry the heck up and get you married already!!!

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  8. Thats a gorgeous stress! I can see why you were sold! Looks great on you!

  9. Oops! That should clearly say dress! We know where my mind is! 😉

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  11. Uh….WOW! I adore that dress, you totally picked the right one! 🙂

    (Mrs. Star)

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