A Wedding Planning Progress Report, II

In an effort to impress the hell out of you guys (HA! Just kidding) keep up with my planning, it’s time to update with a progress report on where we are in the wedding plans.  If you’ll remember, we’re getting married in early October of 2010. 

So far, we’ve:

Set our budget

Booked our ceremony venue

Booked our reception venue & caterer

Booked our photographer

Booked our DJ

Selected our color palette

Decided on some ceremony decor

Selected and asked our wedding party

Pretty much finished our guest list

Bought my dress!

Bought my shoes!

I am pretty happy with our progress so far.  In terms of wedding planning timelines, I have to say that we are pretty far ahead of schedule.  I am hoping to stay that way throughout the course of our engagement—I want to continue to feel as relaxed and happy and have as much FUN planning as I am right now!  

Up next on the list of things to take care of are engagement pictures, save-the-dates and invitations, florist, bakery, and transportation.  After that, it’ll be details, details, details!  And speaking of details, I am loving these right now:

Yay Flags(Source)

They’re DIY “Yay” flags from OffbeatBride.com for guests to wave after the wedding!  How cute are they?!  I would love to incorporate something like this—it’s just a little bit of fun mixed in to our glamorous day, and it would work perfectly for us as an exit to the church.  Since the Cathedral doesn’t allow any sort of tossing of materials (bird seed, rice, etc.), I think these flags would make for a fun alternative.  We could set them up in a bin just near the doors to the church for guests to grab as they exit…then we could make a grand exit with everyone waving their flags!  This project is definitely on my list of DIY maybes.

So, that’s the latest progress report. Now it’s your turn:  How are your wedding plans going?  Are you ahead of schedule?



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2 responses to “A Wedding Planning Progress Report, II

  1. Ali

    My wedding plans are going great. Just need to find the guy 😛

    Just wanted to throw it out there again-
    I think you and Sabrina should join forces to create a party planning business. Seriously- she could do the food portion and you could do the details. F’reals. Go call her. Right now. Seriously go do it. You know you want to. Stop laughing and just go do it.

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