The Tale of the Red Shoes


Once upon a time, there was a girl who didn’t love shoes.  Shocking, I know.  One day, while said girl was browsing the world wide interwebs, she came across a fabulous pair of shoes.  She immediately fell in love with them, but alas, they were not to be found in her size! 

Said girl was sad, but  moved on, quietly stalking her beloved shoes on a weekly basis.  One day, she stumbled across the website that sold her lovely shoes (yes, she was no referring to them as hers) and found that they were available in her size!  So she hemmed and hawed for a few, and then she bought them.  And when they came, they were everything she thought they would be…

002        003

They looked wonderful on her feet…(please ignore my gross marathon toenail on my left foot!)


…and they felt wonderful on her feet.  Except they didn’t quite fit:


What was our poor girl to do?  She tweeted to her wonderful internet friends about her dilemma, phoned her lovely real-life friends about her dilemma, and tried to make an exchange with the company…but alas!  The shoes were not available in the next half size down, and the girl wasn’t sure that the next half size down would even fit.  Luckily, a nice internet friend came to the rescue and recommended a product called Heavenly Heelz from a company called Foot Petals. Would they work?  Could this really be the answer our girl was looking for?

Heavenly Heelz


Please note that the gap in the picture above looks admittedly MUCH larger than it really is (I zoomed in pretty big time when taking these shots).  The gap is LESS than half a size, and it is bigger on my left foot than it is on my right (makes sense, since most people have one dominant side of their body that’s a little bigger).  Thanks to Em, I ordered a pair of Heavenly Heelz to see if this would perhaps lessen the gap.  It is my last ditch effort on these shoes—I love them sooooo much and I want to wear them for the wedding so badly, but I also want them to fit correctly!  There’s no guarantee that Zappos will have any more 8s any time before the wedding, so I am really hoping the inserts will take care of the problem, since I am not even guaranteed to have the 8s fit.  So, will the Heavenly Heelz work?  They should be here in a few days, so stay tuned!



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3 responses to “The Tale of the Red Shoes

  1. Em

    Ohhhh I hope I hope I HOPE they work!! Like I said, they’re in my wedding shoes and thanks to them the shoes fit like a dream. Those Stuart’s are TO.DIE. and Ilovethemsomuch! The heel is kind of giving me shortness of breath, actually. Let us know how the Heavenly Heelz work!

  2. Nadine

    dear LORD Amy I hope they work because those shoes, are fan-tas-tic!!!

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