Our Engagement Story

In all the entries on this blog, I never shared our engagement story!  Here goes:

Dr. Groomy and I used to have date night every Friday night.  He works til 7 usually, so he would come home, change his clothes, and off we would head to our favorite restaurants in the neighborhood.  (Since getting engaged, we are saving a lot of money, so date night has been fewer and farer in between than normal!) 

We got engaged the week after Halloween, in November 2008.  It was a long week for me, I remember.  Lots of work stuff going on, friends in town from far-away places, etc…so not a lot of down time.  The last thing I wanted to do Friday night was go out to dinner, but the second to last thing I wanted to do was have to cook something!  I was a bit crabby the whole afternoon and even snapped at Dr. Groomy when he said he wanted to go out.  What a brat, hey?!  Needless to say, he came home from work and I was barefoot in the kitchen, drinking a glass of red wine and telling him to hurry up. 

He came up to me in the kitchen and I immediately knew something was up—he started rubbing my arm, which is a quirky little habit he has when he wants to tell me something important.  “What?!” I said, rather annoyed.  Then he said, “I wanted to plan the perfect night to do this but I don’t want to wait anymore.”  And he GOT DOWN ON ONE KNEE!!!  I immediately started to cry and kept repeating over and over, “What are you doing, what are you doing?!”  He said some really nice things and then asked me to marry him!  I said yes (though he claims he doesn’t remember this) and started jumping up and down!  It was so exciting.  We immediately called our family and friends and then headed off to our favorite neighborhood restaurant, where we had champagne and a delicious meal.  We even scored a free dessert!  Afterwards, we headed out to meet some friends at a bar to celebrate.  It was a wonderful evening and a memory I’ll never forget! 

Enough blabber.  Here’s some ring shots my sister took last week while we were home for Thanksgiving:

Ring - Ornament

Ring - Pine Tree

The ring is a three-stone princess cut…which is exactly what I would have picked for myself!  (Funny story:  when I was younger, my mom had a big fake 3-stone ring that I would wear on my left hand and pretend it was my engagement ring.  No lie, it looked exactly like this one!  I still have the fake one, but I like mine better).

So that’s the story of how we got engaged.  Randomly, Dr. Groomy had purchased the ring the week before, on Halloween.  Twice earlier that week he had asked me to go to dinner, but we had previous plans both nights!  I remember sitting at a restaurant with him and my friend Kristin who was visiting from out of town, and the two of us girls cracking jokes about Dr. Groomy and I getting engaged…little did I know, he already had the ring and we got engaged the next day! 

I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season.  Posting may be a bit light these next few weeks, but I do have numerous things to tell you about, including how I won us free transportation for the wedding and an update on my shoes!  Stay tuned!



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3 responses to “Our Engagement Story

  1. Em

    Awww that is SO freaking CUTE! And your ring is gorgeous 🙂

  2. Awe, what a cute story!!

  3. irunthereforeieat

    I love this!! And what awesome ring shots!!

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