The Shoe Saga, Continued

Yes, my friends, it has turned into a saga.  Where did we last leave off?  Ah yes, I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Heavenly Heelz, to see if they would help with sizing.  At last, they arrived…and if you follow me on Twitter, you know the moral of this story:

They helped a bit, but not quite enough. 

Le sigh.

I think if I used TWO sets of Heavenly Heelz in each shoe, they would be a good fit…but there would still be a gap in the back. 


You see, the Heavenly Heelz do help keep your foot in the shoe and help the shoe to fit nicely to your foot, but they don’t magically erase any gaps caused by sizing, if you get my drift.  And this really bothers me.  I feel like people will look at my shoes and say, “Those don’t fit!”  I’m not sure why I care what others will think.  I think it’s because the  shoes were really expensive for me and I am embarrassed that I spent so much money on an item that doesn’t fit me right.  Regardless, this shoe saga has left me with two important lessons:

1) Always order shoes in the size you know.  Go with your gut, even if the product reviews say otherwise.  I ordered these shoes a half size up because that seemed to be the general consensus on Zappos’ site.  Wrong.  A size 8, I have decided now, would fit me just perfectly. 

2) Regardless, I AM WEARING THESE SHOES!  I just have to.  Seriously, I love them and I cannot imagine wearing any other shoes.  Yes, I feel a bit stupid for having an expensive pair of shoes that don’t fit quite correctly, but if I have to, I’ll get over that. 

With that being said, I am currently in a state of shoe limbo.  Zappos has a fabulous 365 day return policy.  The shoes are currently packaged up and sitting in their box in our room.   If necessary, I can always return them before the wedding.  Until then, I am stalking the Zappos site to see if any 8s will come up.  If they do, I will immediately make an exchange…no harm, no foul!  I am pretty sure there is a good chance this will happen, so for now, I just have to be patient.

Bonus:  Zappos is having a huge holiday sale and the Pomposo shoes are currently only available in sizes 4, 7, 10, and 11.  Since I know how popular these shoes are, I am betting that shortly after the new year they will have a bunch more in stock and I can make my exchange! 

Keep your fingers crossed for me…

Do you have a shoe saga (or a dress saga, or a veil saga, or…)?  Share your stories with me!



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4 responses to “The Shoe Saga, Continued

  1. Em

    Ohh I hope I hope you can find the right size! At least you ordered them from a site with a fabulous return policy!

  2. Stephanie

    i was so confused! I was like, why don’t you just exchange them? it’s important that your wedding day shoes fit you properly. you’re going to be doing a lot of running around in them!

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