On Staying Stress Free

This is going to sound like Psycho Bride Behavior, but I find that if I take a break—no matter how much it is needed—from planning, thinking, reading, or talking about our wedding and weddings in general, I wake up one day and start to freak.  For example:   This past week, with Thanksgiving and other activities in the forefront of my mind, I didn’t really spend a lot of time on weddings.  The wedding related sites on my Google Reader backed up and I didn’t look at a bridal magazine or even flip through our binder/my blog.  Yesterday, I suddenly had a mini panic attack that we were behind in planning again (which, of course, I know we aren’t, but we’re talking Deluded Bridal Brain here, people).

I have been relatively stress-free during the planning process thus far.  Now, I am not so disillusioned to think that I will not be stressed out AT ALL as the wedding gets closer, but I would like to try to remain as stress-free as possible!  Mrs. Star recently posted that she had a lot of free time during her wedding week—and this is the goal I’ve set for myself.  I would LOVE to have everything done except for fun things (like mani-pedis & dress pick-up!) prior to Wedding Week. 

But back to the example at hand:  what I do when I suddenly feel stressed out.  I find that being proactive is MUCH better than dwelling on things.  I almost always feel better when I am taking action on an issue, rather than worrying about it.  So yesterday when I had my mini panic attack, I did what I always do when I feel that way about the wedding:  I whipped out our handy-dandy wedding checklist. 


Seriously, gals, take my advice—keep a copy of this with your wedding binder AND carry a copy in your purse.  When it’s time to check something off, update both lists so they’re always current.  I find that carrying a copy of our checklist in my purse is helpful simply because I can take one look at it and know where we’re at—without lugging my big heavy wedding binder around all day every day.  This is especially helpful on a day like yesterday—I was able to pull out my checklist and take a look at what I could work on next.  Then I came up with a quick action plan that would make me feel like I was accomplishing things again.  It helped to calm me down and get my wedding-creative-juices flowing again!  I feel once again in control and I know what needs to be worked on next (ahem, baker and florist research).

So that’s my tip for helping stop stress in its tracks:  be proactive about the situation and you’ll almost always feel better!  Now it’s your turn:  what are your best tips for staying stress-free throughout the wedding planning process?



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7 responses to “On Staying Stress Free

  1. Em

    How do I stay stress-free? Oh…I just assume that I have all the time in the world to get things done and then they miraculously do! Haha riiiight.

    Actually, this weekend I sat down with my FSIL (and BM) and talked for 2 hours about wedding stuff. It felt sooo good to just get all of my thoughts out of my head. She wrote everything down so now it’s not only out of my head, but on paper as well. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted. Such a nice feeling.

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