Bridesmaid Dress-A-Palooza!

Or, the post in which I show you a lot of pictures of bridesmaid dresses I like!

My maids and I have not gone shopping for their dresses yet, but it is high on my list of priorities for the new year.  As with wedding dress shopping, I am definitely going to go in with an open mind.  I am hoping to have a majority of the girls with me, and they’ll be allowed to try on everything and anything they might like.  That being said, one of the only guidelines I’ll be giving them is in regards to cost.   I just can’t justify having the girls spend an outrageous amount of money on a dress that in all likelihood, they will only wear once.  Sure, some dresses are re-wearable, but honestly, no one ever does.  As a bride, I definitely get it—weddings are expensive to be in.  I’ve been in plenty and I can’t wait to be in some more, but I know how it goes.  So, I’d like to keep the cost around $150 or less, especially since I want the girls to have matching shoes too (which will be another expense for them). 

Our wedding is going to be classic.  As in, classically elegant (read: fancy).  I’ve always thought that for a more formal affair, the bridesmaids would wear long dresses.  Keep in mind our color scheme, and picture the following dresses in a soft gold color:

Belsoie by Jasmine

Belsoie By Jasmine




Mia Solano 
Mia Solano


Raylia Designs 
Raylia Designs
(side note: this style is front runner for me right now—I love the neckline!)


Watters & Watters 
Watters & Watters
(another side note:  this is sort of the color gold I am thinking of…a bit deeper than champagne because my dress is sort of champagne-y colored)

(Source for all of the above photos)

These are just a few of the long dresses I am drawn to.  As you can see, I like them long and plain, and not necessarily strapless!  Of course, I said that about my wedding dress, too, and look how that turned out!   Regardless, I want the girls to feel fabulous and pretty in their dresses, so I think I’ve chosen some nice body-conscious styles here.  This leads me to the second guideline I’ll be giving them—no puffy ballgowns, please.  My dress isn’t  a puffy ballgown, so I don’t think it would look appropriate if the bridesmaids had a floofier dress than me (sorry K Doc, I know you love those princess dresses!  🙂 ). 

I used to think that only long dresses could be formal enough for a black tie wedding, but I am re-thinking that now.  I mean, look at these lovelies:

J Crew 1 (Erica) J. Crew (Erica)

J Crew 1 in Gold (The same dress as above, but in gold)

J Crew 2 (Lorelei) J. Crew (Lorelei)

Both of those dresses, especially the second one, could certainly be appropriate for a formal event.  I think it all depends on the fabric you choose and how you glam the dresses up with jewelry and the like. 

Either way, it is exciting to be moving forward in the planning!  We are past the 300 day mark, so things will really start picking up once the holidays are over.  I am keeping my goal in mind and hoping to have most things wrapped up by summer! 

Did you set guidelines for your bridesmaids?  How was the bridesmaid dress shopping experience?



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7 responses to “Bridesmaid Dress-A-Palooza!

  1. I love them all, but your front runner has the potential for making your girls look preggers 😦

  2. I agree with Chels about the front runner….however, I love the turquoise dress and the black JCrew dress.

    In all honesty though, put me in whatever you think looks best!

  3. amyc13

    Wow, good call you guys! I thought it would be flattering with the flowy material in the front but now that I look at it again you are definitely right about the preggers thing. Oh well, a pretty dress nonetheless!

  4. Gotham Girl

    Your dress shopping sounds so fun! Check out the dresses at 57Grand too. They just opened this Fall and I love their styles. I think the York, the Mulberry, or Beekman styles could be super cute for your maids.

  5. Em

    Oooooh I love your front runner! I think it has the potential to make the girls look like they have tummies, but you’ll never know until you try it on. Make sure you take lots of pics of your shopping trip 🙂

  6. I’m a huge fan of the J.Crew dresses so I’m hoping my girls will love them as well…especially if the dresses in the color I like are on sale!

  7. Love those wide v-bodice dresses! Adorable!

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