A Quick & Easy DIY

This past weekend I, along with two other friends, was a personal attendant* in the wedding of an old college friend.  Among our various duties as attendants  was decorating the newlywed’s room as a surprise for them.

We did rose petals in the shape of a heart on the bed, had champagne chilling, a cheese and sausage platter for them to eat, and various chocolates for them to enjoy.  As a quick and easy added touch, I made a sign for the door and a few signs to put around the room.  It was a quick and easy project I whipped out that afternoon and it made a great touch on the room!

Without further ado:

002 I created this sign to hang on the outside of their hotel room door.  The fonts are Copperplate Gothic Light for the print and Chopin for the script.

003 A Close-Up

Then, I created a sign for them to tell them who decorated the room (using our nicknames, of course):


And a sign to remind them to get some food in their tummies after a long night of partying with friends and family:


All of the signs were printed on regular computer paper, then mounted on yellow cardstock, which was then mounted on navy cardstock.  I mounted the door sign on some thin cardboard we had laying around my office, then taped the ribbon to the back.  Then I mounted navy cardstock on another piece of cardboard and mounted that on the back side of the sign, so it was a pretty package in front AND in back.

The door sign (and the other signs!) was a quick and easy project that made a lot of impact.  You can bet I’ll be repeating this for our wedding!  (And the weddings of friends to come!) [side note:  I guess this point needs clarification.  I will not be repeating the room decorating for ourselves but I will be creating similar signs for our out-of-town guests to put in their OOT bags, and I may make a sign for our wedding night room as well!]

Up next this week: a real wedding recap (the wedding discussed here!) and my first hair trial!

*Never heard of a personal attendant?  It’s basically a day-of coordinator.  We helped usher guests, find placecards, pin on bouts and corsages, wrangled the flower children, fixed the bride’s bustle when needed, handled the seating chart when some placecards went missing, decorated their room, took care of the gifts and cards, and handled any other wedding day crises for the bride and groom.


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  1. Ali

    You’ll be doing it for your wedding? Or you mean, your going to request that your personal attendants do this for your wedding?

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