Real Wedding Recap: Nikki & JT

This past weekend, my college friend Nikki and her wonderful fiance JT finally got hitched!  It was great to spend a few days celebrating their love with them.  From the rehearsal dinner at a local bar (where the couple first met!) to their elegant hotel ballroom reception, it was a blast to celebrate their love and support them as they embark on their new life as husband and wife.  Here’s a few pics to recap the wonderful event:

The Bride’s Beautiful Dress

010  The ceremony
The couple had a really beautiful ceremony, with many interesting components.  Among my favorite was the wine box ceremony, in which the couple placed a bottle of wine, two glasses, and love letters to each other in a box, which was then sealed.  The point is not to open the box until their marriage is in crisis—if it is, then they are to open the box, share the wine, and read the love letters they wrote to each other on their wedding day.  Hopefully, they will never have to open the box—except in celebration, which they are to do when they reach their 10 year wedding anniversary.  If they haven’t opened the box by then, they are to open it at that time to celebrate!

011   012 Exchanging vows


The beautiful bride


Wedding Cake

Groom’s Cake
The bride and groom are both huge music lovers, and this was meant to be a celebration of all of the concerts they have attended together over the years.  The smiley face on the left side of the cake is the symbol for Summerfest, a local music festival here in Milwaukee, and the exit sign is for Exit 33, which is the highway exit for Alpine Valley Music Theater.  Pretty neat, no?


043  Centerpieces
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to snap a great pic of them, but at least you get the idea.  They were cylindrical vases filled with gold, silver, and white Christmas ornaments.  Placed  atop a mirror and adorned with pine, they were perfect for a winter wedding! 

Since I was running around playing coordinator, I wasn’t able to get too many great wedding detail shots…but at least you get the idea!  It was a really fun wedding and I couldn’t be happier for the couple.

Congratulations Nikki & JT—thank you for allowing us to be part of your day!



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10 responses to “Real Wedding Recap: Nikki & JT

  1. My friend did the wine thing but there’s is 25 years. It was tricky for them to find a wine that would hit it’s peak in 25 years, but they did!

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  3. Nikki

    Thanks for sharing our story on your blog, Famous! You truly have found your calling in this wedding planning game… I see a career in your future! We were blessed to have such a talented group of friends and family to help us pull off our dream wedding! Still glowing 🙂

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