Hair Trial Number One!

Honestly, I haven’t thought much about my wedding day hairstyle yet.  I have plenty of time to decide, so I am not too worried about it at all.  That being said, when my friend and bridesmaid KDoc offered to come over and play with my hair the week before Christmas, I was stoked!  Although she is not a professional stylist, she might as well be—she is so awesome at doing people’s hair and makeup and has done this type of thing for many brides she knows.  It was quite fun:

(Yes, we were rockin’ the Squirt during the process.  It’s cool.)

We hadn’t talked much about style before this, as I just wanted to see what her ideas might be.  I had mentioned the idea of a low side bun, so she rolled with it.  This is what we came up with:

Before (Please excuse my no-makeup face!)…

and After:



Side View  with the bun (Lame face, Amy!)

Overall, I really liked this style—it was a bit curlier than I had imagined, but I LOVED the way it looked in the back.  I think it would work really well with my dress too!  I think that I like styles that are a bit sleeker, though, and since we have a lot of time to play, KDoc said she would definitely roll with some other ideas as well!  I think we might work on this style a little bit, and make it a little more this:

Hair 1
A little cleaner on the front and sides but still romantic-looking. 

I also ADORE these styles (as seen on Mrs. Cowboy Boot from Weddingbee)  and would like to try them as well:

Low Centered Chignon 

Low Centered Chignon Back 
The “Low Centered Chignon”


Side Bun

Side Bun Back
The “Low Side Bun”

(Source for above four photos)

Finally, I’d love to try something really dramatic too…something along the lines of this:

Hair 2 

Ironically, I just got a set of Bump-Its (don’t hate, they’re fun!) for Christmas as a funny gift from my mom—I could totally use those here, I bet! 

As you can see, I tend to go more for smooth, sleek styles—I think they make a good contrast with my dress…but I also love how the curly, romantic style we came up with could look with the dress too.  Remember how dress shopping went though—I favored one thing but ended up with another, so maybe that’s my hair destiny as well.  Now I ask you:  what do you think?  Sleek and smooth or curly and romantic?

How did you decide on a hair style for YOUR wedding?



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2 responses to “Hair Trial Number One!

  1. So here are my thoughts…

    1. You are gorgeous
    2. I have never heard of Squirt or Diet Squirt but I am dying to know what it is.
    3. I love the back of your hair, but I agree the front could be a little sleeker… How about HEIGHT too! Bump-it might make your hair bumpinnn!! Woohoo! I can’t wait to see the next trial, and p.s. your friend did an awesome job.
    4. I didn’t pay enough attention on explaining what I wanted for hair and makeup. My hair ended up being really nice but not what I was expecting, and my makeup sucked. Make sure you know and see EXACTLY what you want before wedding day! (which I know you will!!)

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