The Post in Which I Squeal with Delight

…because we scheduled our engagement photos!  Woohoo!

We will be roaming around downtown Milwaukee with our awesome photographer on Sunday, January 17th.  Yep, we’re doing winter photos!  I am so psyched!  I am hoping the weather is a bit overcast with maybe a little snow, so we can get some great shots like this:

eng1  Source:  Milwaukee’s own MThree Studio (via Weddingbee)

eng2  Source:  Carden Photography (via Weddingbee)

Source:  David Jackson (via Weddingbee)

And of course, we’ll take some awesome city shots like this:


This photo is taken in our neighborhood, which is coincidentally also where we’ll be having our photos taken!

Source for above two photos:  Our awesome photographer’s site!

We decided to have our photos taken in our neighborhood.  Not only is it one of the most eclectic and cool neighborhoods in Milwaukee, but it provides the perfect backdrop for pictures.  I haven’t done a post on this yet,  but through the course of our planning, the wedding has taken on a specific theme:  aside from being an elegant (and rockin’!) party, we also want to use the wedding to showcase our beloved Milwaukee to our guests!  We love it here, and we hope to infuse a lot of details about the city into the weekend’s events.  The engagement pictures will be one of the first things we use to do this!

So needless to say, we are thrilled to be having a city-scape engagement session…now comes the fun of deciding on our outfits (and more specifically, coats!).  (Help please, sister!)

Did you take engagement photos?  If so, share your experience!  Did you have your pictures taken in a location that meant a lot to you?



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4 responses to “The Post in Which I Squeal with Delight

  1. Ali

    …But of course 😀

  2. The snow is so romantic! Have fun! We also took our e-photos in our own neighborhood and we really love how they came out :o)

  3. I am sure your snow pictures will be wonderful! We are going to do some snow pictures too and I am really looking forward to red rose cheeks, tossing snow balls, and snow angels.

  4. I’ve been looking forward to our beach engagement session (which is this weekend btw) for MONTHS! Even before we were engaged I’d ‘stalk’ photographer’s blogs… I am so excited it’s almost here! We’re really looking forward to it.

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