Lapels & Cuff Links & Buttons, oh my!

I admit it, ladies:  I have no clue—not one!—about men’s suits and tuxes.  Seriously.  If you’re like me and don’t pay too much attention to men’s fashions, I bet you’d be surprised at how many different types and lengths and styles  of suits and tuxes there are.  That being said, Dr. Groomy is a pretty stylish guy.  He wears suits and ties daily, so I know that the dressing of the groom and groomsmen  is in good hands…but, he’s a man, and we all know how men can be about wedding planning.  Why do today what you can put off til six months from  now, right?  That’s the reason why we found ourselves sitting down on the couch together the other night, flipping through the tux catalog from the probable place we will be renting them (the same place I bought my dress).   What a lesson in men’s fashion for me!

Basically, Dr. Groomy likes traditional, pointy lapels and more than two buttons on his coat…but more than four buttons starts to get obnoxious.  He isn’t as opposed to the traditional tux as I thought he was (I love me a man in a bow-tie) but also likes the suit-like quality of tuxes with regular ties.  Here are four styles he picked out that he’d like to try on:

Joseph Abboud
Joseph Abboud
This was a favorite of ours.  So, so classy!  The only downside of this one?  The tux company has a really great deal on tuxes right now but this is one of two styles not included in the deal. 

Perry Ellis 2
Perry Ellis
Classic two-button with a tie rather than a bow-tie.  Pretty typical tux attire, I think!

Perry Ellis
Perry Ellis
This was the third on the list for Dr. Groomy, meaning he just liked it alright.  Personally for me, I do not like the four-button style—but it’s his wedding too and if he decides to wear one like this, that’s fine! 

Chaps Ralph Lauren
Chaps Ralph Lauren
This is my favorite.  Classic, classic, classic and it meets all qualifications.  The pointy lapels, three buttons.  And I LOVE men in bow-ties.  Seriously?  How often will Dr. Groomy get to wear a true tuxedo?  Answer:  not that often.  We’ll have to see how it looks on him when we go to try them on, but I love the way this looks and hope he chooses this one!

(Source for all photos above)

So, Adventures in Tuxes Round One went smoothly.  We’ve got some choices narrowed down…now if I could just get Dr. Groomy to the store to try them on!

How did your groom choose his attire? 



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