Do you DIY? “I Do!”

So, we took our engagement pictures this weekend.  What a blast!  We had so much fun walking around our neighborhood with our awesome photographer and being all lovey-dovey.  We’ll have the pictures in about two weeks, and I can’t wait to show them to you guys!

Way back in the day, I stumbled across this really great blog via the fabulous Jenna Cole’s photography blog.  (Side note:  I love Jenna’s photos.  Go look at them right now!)   When I saw this engagement shoot, I knew I wanted to incorporate the bride’s awesome letters into our own engagement shoot.  Here are the inspiration photos that captured my attention:

I Do inspiration  (Source)

So cute, right?  Well, lucky for me, the lovely bride posted this great tutorial on her blog.  I pretty much followed her tutorial to a tee but for those of you interested, here are the steps:

Step One:  Gather your supplies. 
For this project you will need:

wooden letters with a smooth flat side (I chose ones that have a hook to hang them on the wall on their backside, so I could use them as decoration later) spray adhesive
pretty paper
a self-healing mat
an Xacto knife


Step Two:  Lay out the letters on your paper. 
(I skipped this step since I was not using patterned paper—it didn’t matter which way I glued the letters on).   If you are using patterned paper, do this with the pattern side UP so that you can see how the patterns will lay on each letter.  This is especially important to make sure the patterns are going the same direction.

Step Three:  Spray the adhesive according to instructions and place the letters down on the paper to adhere. 



Make sure to do this in a well-ventilated area!  Allow the letters to dry according to the package instructions (in my case, about 30 minutes).

Step Four:  Cut out the letters on your self-healing mat using your Xacto knife. 


Step Five:  You’re done!  Admire your easy, beautiful project.


Obviously, we used these a prop in our engagement photos yesterday, but the bonus of this project is the amount of use we will get out of them after this!  We plan to have the letters displayed on our cake or card table, since they match our wedding colors.  For now, we have them hanging on the wall in our bedroom, along with a framed print of our names done in calligraphy.  What an easy way to decorate and they will look great in our room both before and after the wedding!

(Don’t mind the D, it hangs crooked right now!)

This was seriously an easy project and I am so pleased with how they turned out.  I am thinking about picking up some smaller letters that spell “Wine” to repeat the project but use them to decorate our wine bar area in our living room!

What quick and easy DIY projects have you done?

*All of the above photos besides the inspiration photos are by me.  Inspiration photos by Jenna Cole Photography,as noted above.  Go check her out right now!



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6 responses to “Do you DIY? “I Do!”

  1. Em

    I love this!! And I cannot wait to see your e-pics!

  2. Thanks for the link! Your letters look great, and good luck with your e-shoot!

  3. Jill

    So cute! Can’t wait to see your engagement photos! Glad you guys had fun!

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