Flower Power: Centerpieces

This week, I am meeting with some florists!  I have an appointment tomorrow at noon with a florist in our neighborhood, and another appointment Monday at noon with a separate florist (who coincidentally did the flowers for my friend Nikki’s wedding).  Now, I don’t know about you, but I am no green thumb.  In fact, I would go so far as to say I am a black thumb, which is the reason we have only fake plants in our apartment.  I’m not much of a flower girl,  but that doesn’t mean I don’t have at least some semblance of an idea for our wedding flowers!

Let’s talk centerpieces first.  If you’ll remember my inspiration board here, you’ll notice a theme.  I really love clusters of flowers, and I really love candles!  Since we will likely be having a whopping 32 tables, we’re going to have to get really creative with the centerpieces if we’d like to incorporate florals.  I’m thinking pillar candles in hurricanes at every table, and then some flowers along the lines of these:

centerpiece 2
I love the clusters of roses here.  With 32 tables, it would probably be a bit too expensive, but I am sure we could re-create the look with different flowers.

centerpiece 3
I don’t love the centerpiece here, but I LOVE the paper flowers at each place setting.  If we could, it would be awesome to give each guest a flower at their place—what a unique idea!

centerpiece 4 
Love this centerpiece.  We went to a wedding where branches were incorporated and it was an incredible look.  I am not a big fun of the flowers WITH the branches, but something like this would definitely work with our wedding.

centerpiece 1
In a word:  A-MAZING.  Perfect color for our fall wedding!  I’m not even sure what these flowers/leaves are called, but they look fantastic.
(Source for all of the above photos)

So, I am thinking candles on every table, with short, clustered arrangements on some tables and tall, branchy arrangements on others.  Here’s the kicker, though:   my favorite centerpieces of all are the ones that incorporate carnations.  Yes, that ritzy ditzy oft-overlooked flower can look so SWANK if the florals are put together correctly.  Here’s an example from the lovely Mrs. Lime’s wedding:

Bee centerpieces 2

Bee centerpieces 3
Don’t they look sharp?  I seriously LOVE this look.  I am thinking it could be really affordable too, because we would provide the vases (I am not a fan of the white, but I do like low, square, clear glass vases—we will probably hit up Ikea to source). 
(Source for above two photos)

Here’s another version from Martha Stewart:

MS via Bee centerpiece 
(Source:  Martha Stewart Weddings, picture via Weddingbee)

Lastly, you’ll notice all the flowers I’ve shown you so far are red.  That’s the direction we’re leaning towards—we’ll probably do gold linens (napkins, etc). with red flowers to tie that color in.

Next up, bouquets!  Stay tuned!

Are you doing floral centerpieces?



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7 responses to “Flower Power: Centerpieces

  1. Em

    Oooh! I really love your ideas. The red carnations have such a stunning and sophisticated *pop* that will look so cool. A word of advice for meeting with florists: the prices will make you want to cry (from my experience.) Negotiate! I was able to cut the costs of the BM bouquets, my bouquet and a few other things. Good luck!!

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  5. I also love the way carnations look bunched up like that. I plan to use white ones for our wedding.

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