Flower Power: Bouquets!

Yesterday, we discussed centerpiecesToday, let’s talk about bouquets!

I love the look of lush, romantic bouquets.  Mrs. Cowboy Boot’s?  TO.  DIE.  FOR:

Cowboy Bouquet (Source)

Alas, a lot of those lush bouquets come with a pretty price, especially because they often use high-priced flowers like peonies.  However, I still want to show the florist these types of bouquets, so she gets a feel of what I like.  Here’s a few lush fall bouquets I’ve clipped:

Truth be told, I am not AT ALL a fan of calla lilies, but I love this bouquet because it is monochromatic, yet not boring.

How lovely and unexpected are these?!  I love the pop of green…somehow, it doesn’t look Christmas-y to me, which green and red so often can.  And look how lush that white bouquet is!  This is something else I am considering—carrying an ivory bouquet and having my bridesmaids carry red. 

I clipped this bouquet because I love the hand-tied stems.  I do not like completely wrapped stems, so I wanted to give the florist an idea of what I like.

Gorgeous!  I love these—great way to incorporate different types of red flowers.  This is my top contender—I would love something like these.
(Source for all of the above photos)

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that yesterday I was questioning how the hell to determine a floral budget. Thankfully, a wonderful blog friend stepped in to guide me through the questions I should ask and the things I should expect.   I definitely plan to write about my own experiences, but her advice was so valuable that hopefully, she’ll be doing a fantastic blog entry for you on this soon!  🙂

Next up in the Flower Power series, we’ll talk about bouts and miscellaneous flowers…and I’ll let you know how my floral appointments went!

How did you determine your floral budget?  Share your tips and tricks to getting the most bang for your buck!



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6 responses to “Flower Power: Bouquets!

  1. Em

    Thanks for the shout-out, miss! I’ll get on that post asap 🙂 Love your bouquet ideas, too!

  2. Ali

    You don’t like callalillies? They are my fave!

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