Flower Power: Boutonnieres

Boutonnieres, to be honest, aren’t something I really think about when I think “wedding flowers.”  Yes, they are integral part of the groom’s look, but much like his tux, it’s not something I really know a lot about!

I am pretty classic in my flower views…I like traditional.  Here are three bouts I think fit that bill!

Bout 1
Hypericum berries!  Classic, classic, classic.  Did you know they come in different colors aside from greens and reds?  You can get them in a wide variety of colors to match many color schemes.  I prefer a bit more of a tailored look for the berries than the one above, but at least you know what they look like now.

Bout 2 
Roses.  I’m pretty sure these have been used as bouts for ages.  And why not?  They hold up well all day long, come in a wide variety of colors, and look pretty nice, too.Bout 3                                                                           (Source for all of the above photos)
Calla lilies.  Yup, I hate ‘em for bouquets and centerpieces but I love them as boutonnieres.  They look so chic, I think!

To be honest, I don’t really feel the need to discuss wrist corsages or pomander balls (to me, they’re like boutonnieres—a dime a dozen!).  We are thisclose to selecting a florist, so stay tuned for the final installment of the Flower Power series—the big reveal on our florist, plus my thoughts and tips on selecting your floral vendor!

Are you a classic floral gal like me, or are you incorporating more interesting floral ideas into your wedding decor?  Please share!

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4 responses to “Flower Power: Boutonnieres

  1. I think calla lilies make beautiful boutonnieres too! Thinking about these for Mr. Milk.

  2. Stephanie

    i like old-school flowers. i carried white roses, and all our wedding flowers were white roses/ lily of the valley (his boutonniere) and green leaves (wedding palate sage & white) .

    ZOMG i just read your post about transport. what a giant PITA for sure. I just hired the cheapest bus and got a town car to take me home. the vintage car place wanted to charge me freaking $600 to take me 1/2 mile to the hotel in an old-skool car! are you serious?!!!!

    p.s. i have never seen carnations look as HAWT as they do in those pics you posted! a great choice for sure!

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