Obsessed with Pomanders

Seriously, I love pomander balls.  Remember when I made these as a trial run?

(Photo by me)

They were, of course, inspired by these:


And then I saw these:

tulle pomander
And decided I needed to try making those instead of tissue paper pomanders. 

Then TODAY, I saw these:

ribbon pomander

RIBBON POMANDERS!  Seriously, how cute are those?  And they could be pretty cost-effective, if you bought ribbon on sale.  AND it seems a hell of a lot easier than fluffing all those flowers! 

My only problem with pomanders is this:


Hello, our church is gorgeous.  We don’t even really need decor—we’re not doing flowers or anything for the ceremony.  I was going to use the lovely pomanders I wanted to make for aisle decor, but now I am wondering if we even need those.  I could have my flower girl carry a ribbon pomander, but I keep thinking that’s going to look dumb since all the rest of the girls are carrying regular florals, and she is certainly old enough to handle real flowers.  So I turn to you, friends:  what do you think?  Should I stick with my plan to have  few aisle pomanders or keep the church plain?  What about the flower girl?  Help!



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3 responses to “Obsessed with Pomanders

  1. Em

    Ooohh I looove the ribbon ones! I saw those on WB the other day, too. I like the idea of decorating the aisle with them. Even though your church IS absolutely gorgeous, I think a little pop of color along the aisle would look amazing.

  2. Holy goodness, your church is gorgeous! What church is it?

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