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A Giveaway to Celebrate the Weekend!

Normally, I don’t post about giveaways, but I’m making an exception this time because Sabrina over at RhodeyGirlTests is a really great friend of mine…and her giveaway happens to be perfect for a bride-to-be! 

She’s doing a giveaway for Delicate Soles, which are a new brand of ballet flats that can be easily folded up and stored in your purse for the night. 

Delicate Soles

When you’re tired of wearing your heels, just switch into your Delicate Soles and voila!  Happy feet!  Perfect for the bride who’s wearing these:

Shoes 009

…or any other assortment of heavy duty heels on her wedding day.  🙂

So head on over to RhodeyGirlTests to check out the giveaway and enter for your chance to win!

Have a happy weekend, all!


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STDs, Part One

That’s Save-The-Dates in wedding lingo, kids…not Sexually Transmitted Diseases!  [Side note:  how hilarious is that abbreviation?!  I laugh like a giddy school-girl every time!]

I am so excited about our Save-The-Dates!  Since we are having a formal wedding, we decided to switch gears a bit on the STD and go with a little “lighter” style.  We’ve narrowed it down to three options, all based off of this monogram:

Monogram (Sorry for the blurrage of the date)

I created it myself in Microsoft Word, and I LOVE IT!  It’s just not formal enough to use for the actual wedding, so we are incorporating it into the STDs and possibly the Out-of-Town bags as well.  The font is called “Girls Are Weird.” 

Creating the monogram was really simple.  I just opened up Microsoft Word, created a text box, and typed A&B.  I then made the text box transparent, with no lines, and added another text box (again transparent and no lines) to write 10.XX.10 in.  I then positioned them in the middle of the page and used Autoshapes to create two boxes on top of them.  Make the Autoshapes transparent and play with the thickness and detail of the lines, and voila!  A super cute monogram.  We plan to use it as a sticker to close our STD envelopes.  I also made a matching address label to go on the front of the envelopes:

Address Label

Cute, no?  Ok, so now that we have the envelopes taken care of, you must be wondering what our STDs will look like!  We’re narrowing it down between three options:

 Option 1 Option 1

Option 2
Option 2

Option 3
Option 3
(Again, my apologies for all the blurrage!)

Because we’re sticking with the lighthearted theme, we decided to use this picture—it’s one of our favorites and it is very us.  I used the Girls Are Weird font and regular old Century Gothic font for the writing, and designed all the designs in Microsoft Word.  We are going to be printing them as postcards, but will be sending them in lined envelopes with the label and monogram above.  I am ordering them tomorrow and I am so excited to put them together!

While we wait for the big reveal, riddle me this:  which design would you choose?


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The Wedding Meeting

Awhile back, I read this post by Miss Pug on Weddingbee, and I felt like she was reading my mind.  In a nutshell, Dr. Groomy is, shall we say, less than involved with the wedding planning.  And honestly, I don’t mind one bit!

Sure, I get stressed out thinking about stuff sometimes, which can lead to me wistfully wishing he was one of those grooms who was super involved.  In a situation like that, I usually calm myself down, kick my own arse and remind myself that the fact of the matter is, he’s just not one of those grooms.  And I am super into wedding planning (hello, evidence this blog!), so I truly don’t mind being the one “in charge” of the plans.  Of course, I still want him involved in some decisions, so we’ve found a happy way to do that:  The Wedding Meeting.

Once a week, or every two weeks or so, depending on how busy we are and what decisions need to be made, we have a Wedding Meeting.  Basically, I make a list of everything I want to talk to/ask him/decide upon that has to do with the wedding, and we knock it all out in about an hour (sometimes less, we’re that efficient!).  This system works great for us—Dr. Groomy gets to have input on the wedding without feeling like he is doing a bunch of frou-frou planning, and I get to have his input but also free reign to make specific decisions on my own.  It has worked out really well for us throughout the course of our planning!

The system’s not perfect, of course, and there are still times I feel overwhelmed and wish I had more help from him (like, ahem, when I ask him to do something for the wedding and it doesn’t get done…for like a month!  Annoying).  But truth be told, I think procrastination tends to be pretty typical guy behavior, and even more so when it comes to wedding planning (if your fiancé isn’t like that, I don’t wanna know!).  For us, this works. 

Is your fiancé big-time involved in your planning?  How do you guys handle the duties and responsibilities?

P.S.  I am working on our Save the Dates this week and hope to have a post on this later on in the week.  I am suffering from a bit of writer’s block right now, so if you have any posts you’d like to see, please leave a comment and let me know!

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The One Where I Post About Underwear

Friday afternoon, I got the call I’ve been waiting for:  My dress is in!  That’s right, after 4 months of waiting, she’s finally here!  I have to go in within the next two weeks to try her on, pay my balance and set up my alterations and I am freaking pumped.  Now it’s on to thinking about my underpinnings.

Thinking about bridal undies is weird.  I mean, I want to look totally fabulous on my wedding day, but what girl doesn’t want a little help in the smoothing department, right?!  There are definitely undergarments that will help with that…but they’re not exactly jaw-droppingly gorgeous either!  Let’s take a look at some examples:

Spanx:  These babies are the ultimate in shapewear.  And while their new Haute Contour line is definitely pretty-ing up the Spanx style, they’re not exactly sexy, are they?


Yeah, I’m not too sure Dr. Groomy would love seeing those underneath my gown.

Victoria’s Secret offers a few more sexier options, though you can bet they won’t shape as well as Spanx.  Behold:


Ah, now we’re getting a bit more sexy!  Me likes the sort of old school glamour of the push-up cups…but I’m not exactly lacking in that department, so I don’t really need any pushing up.  Let’s try again:


Here we go…this might work!  Smooths the tummy, lifts the butt, and bra not included.  I am thinking of having cups sewn into my dress as part of my alterations (I’ve already been quoted and they will be quite reasonable, thank goodness!), so this might be a perfect complement.  I’m a bit afraid of the panty line, however…so my quest for the perfect undergarments shall continue.

What are you wearing underneath your gown?  Share your tips and tricks!

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A Shift In Browsing

I’ve noticed lately a subtle shift in my wedding blog reading.  Suddenly, without much notice, I have moved beyond the “inspiration” stage and into the “reality” stage of how and what type of wedding blogs I read.  Example:  Style Me Pretty has backed up my Google Reader with about 50 posts…whereas A Practical Wedding?  As soon as I see a post is up, I read it. 

I’m not sure when this shift really occurred…but I think it has happened as our planning has gotten more specific.  We now have concrete details, like bridesmaids dresses, a florist, and ideas of what our centerpieces and bouquets will look like.  In short, our vision is slowly but surely coming together and become reality.  The blogs I read regularly now are all about the nitty gritty of wedding planning, real wedding recaps [Side note:  Seriously, I love recaps.  This is my favorite part of Weddingbee and other blogs I read!] and life AFTER the wedding [Another side note: um, have you read OMG! I’m a Mom! yet?  She is a former Bee and man is she hilarious.  I hope I am this cool when I’m a mom!].  I am also shifting into reading more home design blogs and (I almost hesitate to admit this) baby/mother blogs (see note above).  I am not interested in having kids for quite some time yet, but it is more fun for me to think about now!

If you are a fellow bridal blogger, have no fear—I am definitely still reading all of your blogs!  Is it weird to say that I feel as though I “know” some of you?  It is really enjoyable for me to read about your specific plans for your weddings, but I am no longer reading the big name inspirational sites such as Style Me Pretty, Snippet & Ink, 100 Layer Cake, etc.  I’ve officially moved on from inspiration and into the hardcore reality that is planning our own wedding…with our own ideas, colors, and design.  And I have to say, I’m glad of it, though I will confess one thing:  I will never stop buying wedding magazines…I love them!

Has your blog reading changed over the course of your engagement?


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This past weekend, while bridesmaid dress shopping with my girls, I got another fun activity crossed off my list:  I bought a veil!

If you’ll remember, when I first purchased my dress, I originally thought I wanted a cathedral length veil.  When I got to the store on Saturday and was able to put on the sample of my gown, I tried on several cathedral length veils, and the look was just…so so.  I suddenly felt like I was being taken over by the veil, rather than complemented by it.  So, we switched gears, and I ended up with a beautiful fingertip length veil that perfectly matched my dress:

011 It looks very brown and dark in this picture, but it’s actually a very sheer, light gold.  Once it’s on with my dress, it looks totally gorgeous!

In case you don’t know what “fingertip” length means, here’s a handy dandy little chart I found:

Veil Lengths(Source)

And here are some pictures of me wearing it (I apologize for the lack of quality—I am terrible at taking “selfies!”):


009  So pretty!  I love it!

I also received my hair flower this weekend!  A while back, I contacted the lovely Kate at The Redheaded Actress (also known as the fabulous Mrs. Star!) to see if she could do a custom hair piece for my wedding. 

As you know, I wanted to wear pearls on my wedding day.  Although I love my dress, it has so much extravagant lace and rhinestone beading that wearing pearls really just won’t…go.  I knew I wanted to incorporate pearls into my wedding day somehow, though, so what better way to do so than with a hair flower?  Working with Kate, we settled on a design we both thought would work well.  I anxiously waited for the package to arrive, and on Monday, it finally did!

I opened up the box to reveal this lovely little package:


And when I opened it up, I saw this:

Hooray!  It’s gorgeous, isn’t it?  The lace matches the scalloping on the edge of my dress, the flower is gorgeous, and it has pearls in the center.  I love it!  Here is a shot of me wearing it:

And here’s a shot with my veil.  I think they look great together!

012So, my head accessories are complete.  Another item checked off the list!

Are you wearing a veil or hair flower?

*All photos by me unless otherwise noted!


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We Have A Winner!

…in the aisle pomander department, that is! 

014 Lovely, no? 

If you’ll remember, I made these a while back:Pomander

While I liked them, they weren’t exactly giving off the look I really wanted, and they were A LOT of work.  I bookmarked lots of inspiration for pomanders, but once I saw these:

Ribbon (Source)

…I knew I had to make them!

I basically followed this tutorial to a tee, but here’s the picture evidence of mine:

Step 1:  Gather your supplies.

For this project, you will need:
* ribbon, various sizes and colors, to match your color scheme
* 5” styrofoam ball
* stick pins
* scissors to cut the ribbon
* decorative ribbon or string from which to hang your pomander ball.  This tutorial used string, I like the look of ribbon better so I used that.  It’s your preference, really!


Step 2:  Cut your ribbon into 4” strips.

I found it easiest to cut a bazillion 4” strips at once, rather than a few at a time.  When you’re done cutting, you’ll have piles that look like this:


Set those piles aside for now and move on to step three.

Step 3:  Prepare your Styrofoam ball.
Just as I did for those other pomanders, I used a screwdriver to drive a hole through the Styrofoam ball.  Thread your ribbon through, and tie a nice knot at the end.  I also hot-glued the not to the ball, to ensure that my ribbon wouldn’t slide through when hanging there.  HOT TIP:  Burn the edges of your hanging ribbon with a lighter so the ends don’t fray!  It works great!


006(Yes, those are the Olympics on in the background.  I LOVE THEM!) 

Step 4:  Start pinning!
Grab your ribbons and start pinning them on.  I used two pins per ribbon, just as the tutorial suggested.   Make a loop with the ribbon, pin on the ball, repeat.  Tedious, but perfect to do in front of the TV!


 008 Once you have your pomander filled with ribbons and as full as you like it, you’ll have something like this:

014Tada!  Now repeat for as many as you’d like!

I think they’ll look lovely hanging off the aisle chairs:
017  I am thrilled with how they turned out.  I’ll be making ten of them, five for each side of the aisle.  They will go every third chair, for just the right amount of color for the ceremony! 

Are you DIY-ing any of your decor?

*All pictures by me unless otherwise noted.


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