The Shoe Saga: A Happy Ending!

Last we left off, I had found a lovely pair of wedding shoes that didn’t fit quite right.  I tried everything, but ultimately decided to wait out Zappos to see if, magically, the warehouse would get more shoes in that were in my correct size, so I could exchange.   Well, guess what?!  This weekend, they did!

I woke up Sunday morning and pitter-pattered into the kitchen to make some tea.  While I waited for the water to heat, I checked my email…and lo and behold, there was a brand new email from Zappos telling me they had the lovely Stuart Weitzman Pomposo shoes in my size!

I freaked out a little bit and grabbed my phone.  Ten minutes later, a pair of size 8 satin ruby Pomposos were on my way…and $109 was on its way back to my bank account, thanks to the fact that the shoes are now on sale!  Woowoo!!

I waited with baited breath for two whole days…and on Tuesday, they arrived:

Shoes 002 
Hello, lovers!

Even our cat, CC, was excited:
Shoes 004

Holding my breath, I opened the box to reveal:
Shoes 003 
Sigh.  So lovely, so perfect…but would they fit?


Shoes 016

Shoes 006

Let’s do a quick gap comparison:



Shoes 012
NO GAP!!!  Ok, so I know the angle is different, but I am trying to convey that the size 8s fit PERFECTLY. 

Hooray…the Shoe Saga is no more!

Did you have difficulty with a part of your wedding attire?



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10 responses to “The Shoe Saga: A Happy Ending!

  1. They’re so cute! I wish I could wear heels that high!

  2. Em

    Wooo hoooo!! They are so HOTT!

  3. Those are beautiful!!!!
    Finding fabulously fun wedding shoes is so fun! Mine are green with sequins 🙂

  4. These shoes are GORGEOUS! Ahh…. just breathtaking!!!

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