Our Engagement Pictures

Or, The Post for Which I Could Not Think of a Witty Title! 

We had over 195 images taken during our engagement session, and I have a TON of favorites that I would love to share with you.  Alas, I decided to narrow it down a bit because even I’m realistic enough to realize you’ll get sick of looking at our mugs soon enough!  Without further ado, here are a few of our favorites:

(All photos by our fabulous photographer, Sarah Immel Photography)

We did our session in the late afternoon, so we had some amazing lighting.  This was one of my favorite shots of the day, and it was taken at the beginning of our session.

AB0010 This was one of the very first pictures we took.  We’re still trying to get comfortable in front of the camera, but I love the snow in the foreground.

Remember those I Do letters?  I Do!  (Ha, I kill me sometimes.)





AB0056 This is one of my favorite shots…it’s just so….us!  I definitely think I want to get this one framed.

AB0059Dr. Groomy and I always crack jokes about making a “serious face” when we’re talking to each other (ie, “Ooh, serious face!”).  Every time Sarah would tell us to be serious, we would giggle—not real good for serious shots, right?!  You can totally tell I am trying not to laugh in this photo, but for whatever reason, I still really love how this shot turned out.

And then I did giggle…a lot!

AB0062  This is a definite framer for me too. 

I love this series of shots…there were several, but these two were my favorites!



AB0083Neat shot of our shadows kissing…pretty artsy, no?  I might get this printed on canvas for our bedroom.

AB0163This one was taken in an alley by some garbage dumpsters…you’d never know it though, would you?!

And there you have it!  We were really happy with our session and we are so glad we took some time to get used to working with our photographer.  We plan to use the photos in our Save-the-Dates (coming soon!), as well as some cocktail table decor (post on that is also coming soon!) and perhaps as part of our table numbers.

Did you have engagement photos taken?



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6 responses to “Our Engagement Pictures

  1. Those look great! I like the “I Do” letters 🙂

  2. The first one is my favorite (of the ones you’ve shared, of course!) — I do(!) like the shadow one, and I LOVE the one of you laughing like your sides are going to burst!!

  3. These are really cute!

  4. Ali

    Oh holy awesome! I love the ones you said you loved as well, and that sort of serious one really brings out the green in your eyes- you look so beautiful!
    I really like all of them so far…can’t wait to see more!

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