Yesterday morning, I ran out of the house pretty late.  You see, I haven’t been sleeping all that well at night (wedding stress, work stress, and what-not), so I have been staying in bed a bit later in the mornings than I normally would.  Yesterday was no exception…I grabbed my coffee, my lunch bag and my purse and scrambled out the door to the office.  Thankfully, I have a pretty short commute, so I was able to make it to work on time.  I got into my office, unloaded my stuff, sat down at my desk, looked down, and saw this:



In the 15 months we have been engaged, I have never done this before.  I couldn’t believe it!  I spent the whole day hoping my coworkers wouldn’t notice (luckily, they’re men…do they notice anything?!), and I didn’t tell Dr. Groomy what happened until I got home that night, even though we talked via email a few times during the day.  I was VERY aware of it, however—my finger felt naked the whole day!

Normally, on the weekends, if I am cleaning or bumming around the house, I will leave my engagement ring in its pretty little box all day.  For some reason, not wearing it on the weekends when I am at home doesn’t feel weird to me…but being out in public without it feels completely un-natural.  I think it is amazing how I went for years without wearing anything on that finger to 15 months wearing it nearly every day, and now I feel totally naked if I am without it.

Have you ever forgotten to wear your engagement ring?

(“Re-enactment” photo by me.)



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3 responses to “Ooops!

  1. Em

    Oh my gosh…I would feel naked, too!!

  2. Augh! I did this on Tuesday, first time in a year of wearing it to forget it at home. It sucked, and yes, was like being naked. I made a temporary replacement for the day out of copper wire…but it just wasn’t the same!

  3. I tend to wear my ring when I go out, but because I spend so much time in the house there have been many times that I’ve left it at home. Initially I felt bad, but then I got over it. Wearing a ring or not doesn’t show my love or commitment to Mr. Milk any more or any less.

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