A Dress for My Girls

This weekend, my sister was in town to visit!  We had a great time and took the opportunity to do lots of wedding related things.  The first and most important of these was:  shopping for bridesmaid dresses!

Four of my five bridesmaids were able to make it to the shopping excursion, and I am happy to say that we found their dress!  It was actually a relatively painless process.  We went back to the store where I purchased my dress (we will also be getting tuxes here), and I let the girls have at it.  They scoured the racks, came up with about 15 different dresses, and tried them all on for me.  Unfortunately, the store doesn’t allow pictures until you actually commit to purchasing, but here were a few contenders:

A dress like this was one of the first ones we loved:


Please note that this is not the exact dress the girls tried on, but it is very similar.  We particularly liked the pleated bodice…it was very flattering!  On the actual dress the girls tried on, the pleating was straight across instead of diagonal, but the effect here is very similar:


Another dress that was a big contender was one similar to this:


The one the girls tried on had a v-neckline, rather than strapless, but the dress on the whole looked very similar to this one.  We particularly liked the sash and the mini-train.  Very classy!

So how did we decide so easily?  We just combined what we loved about the above two dresses, and BAM!  There was our bridesmaid dress!

Pleated bodice + gorgeous sash + spaghetti straps =

And the back, which is COMPLETELY STUNNING:


I looooooove the sash and the low-cut back.  It is beautiful and all the girls agreed!  The dress will come in a light gold color called “Golden Sand.”  Unfortunately, the dress designer’s website does not show colors very well,  but it’s very similar to the gold in our color scheme, seen here:


Would you like to see it on a real person?!  Ok, picture it in that pretty gold…and here it is on my beautiful Bridesmaid B:

*Photo By Me

*Photo By Me
(Please ignore the paint-like stuff on her front and back—
I painted out her black bra so you could get the full effect!)

Isn’t it lovely?  I am happy that the girls like the dress AND it was right at our budget.  A bonus is that it is a longer style, so I am not so worried about what type of shoes they will wear.  We decided tentatively that any pair of red shoes they want to wear is fine!

The whole process of finding a dress only took about half an hour.  After we chose, the girls got measured and I hopped into my dress to show those who hadn’t seen it yet!  They helped me pick out a veil (blog post on that coming up!) and then I took them all to lunch.  It was a really fun day and I am glad to have another big to-do crossed off the list!

How was your bridesmaid-dress-shopping experience?  Did it take you several tries or were you able to knock it out in one day, like us?



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5 responses to “A Dress for My Girls

  1. I am loving this dress — it fits perfectly into the theme you were looking for & will be very flattering to your girls!

  2. Jenell

    The first dress is the my cousin’s fiancée picked for her wedding, it’s very flattering in the tummy area and she loves the sweetheart cut! The sash is awesome though!

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