A Shift In Browsing

I’ve noticed lately a subtle shift in my wedding blog reading.  Suddenly, without much notice, I have moved beyond the “inspiration” stage and into the “reality” stage of how and what type of wedding blogs I read.  Example:  Style Me Pretty has backed up my Google Reader with about 50 posts…whereas A Practical Wedding?  As soon as I see a post is up, I read it. 

I’m not sure when this shift really occurred…but I think it has happened as our planning has gotten more specific.  We now have concrete details, like bridesmaids dresses, a florist, and ideas of what our centerpieces and bouquets will look like.  In short, our vision is slowly but surely coming together and become reality.  The blogs I read regularly now are all about the nitty gritty of wedding planning, real wedding recaps [Side note:  Seriously, I love recaps.  This is my favorite part of Weddingbee and other blogs I read!] and life AFTER the wedding [Another side note: um, have you read OMG! I’m a Mom! yet?  She is a former Bee and man is she hilarious.  I hope I am this cool when I’m a mom!].  I am also shifting into reading more home design blogs and (I almost hesitate to admit this) baby/mother blogs (see note above).  I am not interested in having kids for quite some time yet, but it is more fun for me to think about now!

If you are a fellow bridal blogger, have no fear—I am definitely still reading all of your blogs!  Is it weird to say that I feel as though I “know” some of you?  It is really enjoyable for me to read about your specific plans for your weddings, but I am no longer reading the big name inspirational sites such as Style Me Pretty, Snippet & Ink, 100 Layer Cake, etc.  I’ve officially moved on from inspiration and into the hardcore reality that is planning our own wedding…with our own ideas, colors, and design.  And I have to say, I’m glad of it, though I will confess one thing:  I will never stop buying wedding magazines…I love them!

Has your blog reading changed over the course of your engagement?



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3 responses to “A Shift In Browsing

  1. I LOVE the OMG! I’m a Mom blog! She’s hysterical! And I feel like my blog preferences have shifted lately too. I love recaps and life-after-wedding blogs (and even the mommy blogs, though like you, I’m not rushing into that stage!)

  2. I LOVE Omg! I’m a Mom, she is hysterical!

    And I stopped reading all of the inspiration blogs….it was making me change my mind too much and regret decisions we had made, so I stopped. I definitely know what you mean about gravitating more towards the recaps and life after, I’ve been doing the same thing too.

  3. Em

    Seriously, *I* could have written this exact same post with those exact same words. So all I have to add is that…I agree!

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