The One Where I Post About Underwear

Friday afternoon, I got the call I’ve been waiting for:  My dress is in!  That’s right, after 4 months of waiting, she’s finally here!  I have to go in within the next two weeks to try her on, pay my balance and set up my alterations and I am freaking pumped.  Now it’s on to thinking about my underpinnings.

Thinking about bridal undies is weird.  I mean, I want to look totally fabulous on my wedding day, but what girl doesn’t want a little help in the smoothing department, right?!  There are definitely undergarments that will help with that…but they’re not exactly jaw-droppingly gorgeous either!  Let’s take a look at some examples:

Spanx:  These babies are the ultimate in shapewear.  And while their new Haute Contour line is definitely pretty-ing up the Spanx style, they’re not exactly sexy, are they?


Yeah, I’m not too sure Dr. Groomy would love seeing those underneath my gown.

Victoria’s Secret offers a few more sexier options, though you can bet they won’t shape as well as Spanx.  Behold:


Ah, now we’re getting a bit more sexy!  Me likes the sort of old school glamour of the push-up cups…but I’m not exactly lacking in that department, so I don’t really need any pushing up.  Let’s try again:


Here we go…this might work!  Smooths the tummy, lifts the butt, and bra not included.  I am thinking of having cups sewn into my dress as part of my alterations (I’ve already been quoted and they will be quite reasonable, thank goodness!), so this might be a perfect complement.  I’m a bit afraid of the panty line, however…so my quest for the perfect undergarments shall continue.

What are you wearing underneath your gown?  Share your tips and tricks!


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