The Wedding Meeting

Awhile back, I read this post by Miss Pug on Weddingbee, and I felt like she was reading my mind.  In a nutshell, Dr. Groomy is, shall we say, less than involved with the wedding planning.  And honestly, I don’t mind one bit!

Sure, I get stressed out thinking about stuff sometimes, which can lead to me wistfully wishing he was one of those grooms who was super involved.  In a situation like that, I usually calm myself down, kick my own arse and remind myself that the fact of the matter is, he’s just not one of those grooms.  And I am super into wedding planning (hello, evidence this blog!), so I truly don’t mind being the one “in charge” of the plans.  Of course, I still want him involved in some decisions, so we’ve found a happy way to do that:  The Wedding Meeting.

Once a week, or every two weeks or so, depending on how busy we are and what decisions need to be made, we have a Wedding Meeting.  Basically, I make a list of everything I want to talk to/ask him/decide upon that has to do with the wedding, and we knock it all out in about an hour (sometimes less, we’re that efficient!).  This system works great for us—Dr. Groomy gets to have input on the wedding without feeling like he is doing a bunch of frou-frou planning, and I get to have his input but also free reign to make specific decisions on my own.  It has worked out really well for us throughout the course of our planning!

The system’s not perfect, of course, and there are still times I feel overwhelmed and wish I had more help from him (like, ahem, when I ask him to do something for the wedding and it doesn’t get done…for like a month!  Annoying).  But truth be told, I think procrastination tends to be pretty typical guy behavior, and even more so when it comes to wedding planning (if your fiancé isn’t like that, I don’t wanna know!).  For us, this works. 

Is your fiancé big-time involved in your planning?  How do you guys handle the duties and responsibilities?

P.S.  I am working on our Save the Dates this week and hope to have a post on this later on in the week.  I am suffering from a bit of writer’s block right now, so if you have any posts you’d like to see, please leave a comment and let me know!


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  1. My fiance surprisingly feels like he should help more. I am giving him many tasks so he feels like he’s apart of everything. We also have weekly meetings 🙂

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