STDs, Part One

That’s Save-The-Dates in wedding lingo, kids…not Sexually Transmitted Diseases!  [Side note:  how hilarious is that abbreviation?!  I laugh like a giddy school-girl every time!]

I am so excited about our Save-The-Dates!  Since we are having a formal wedding, we decided to switch gears a bit on the STD and go with a little “lighter” style.  We’ve narrowed it down to three options, all based off of this monogram:

Monogram (Sorry for the blurrage of the date)

I created it myself in Microsoft Word, and I LOVE IT!  It’s just not formal enough to use for the actual wedding, so we are incorporating it into the STDs and possibly the Out-of-Town bags as well.  The font is called “Girls Are Weird.” 

Creating the monogram was really simple.  I just opened up Microsoft Word, created a text box, and typed A&B.  I then made the text box transparent, with no lines, and added another text box (again transparent and no lines) to write 10.XX.10 in.  I then positioned them in the middle of the page and used Autoshapes to create two boxes on top of them.  Make the Autoshapes transparent and play with the thickness and detail of the lines, and voila!  A super cute monogram.  We plan to use it as a sticker to close our STD envelopes.  I also made a matching address label to go on the front of the envelopes:

Address Label

Cute, no?  Ok, so now that we have the envelopes taken care of, you must be wondering what our STDs will look like!  We’re narrowing it down between three options:

 Option 1 Option 1

Option 2
Option 2

Option 3
Option 3
(Again, my apologies for all the blurrage!)

Because we’re sticking with the lighthearted theme, we decided to use this picture—it’s one of our favorites and it is very us.  I used the Girls Are Weird font and regular old Century Gothic font for the writing, and designed all the designs in Microsoft Word.  We are going to be printing them as postcards, but will be sending them in lined envelopes with the label and monogram above.  I am ordering them tomorrow and I am so excited to put them together!

While we wait for the big reveal, riddle me this:  which design would you choose?



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6 responses to “STDs, Part One

  1. definitely definitely DEFINITELY option 1! It is simple enough to still be elegant yet informal. I am obsessed. It is absolutely GORGEOUS Amy!!

    I love it and am SO stoked for you!

  2. Ali

    The top two are the best, but I have to disagree with S above. I like number 2 better with the border. It gives it a little sumthin’ sumthin’

    Great picture to use, either way!

  3. kristin

    number 2, number 2!!

  4. Ok, I’ll admit it, until Ali said it I didn’t see the border on #2. Since it coincides so well with the envelopes, I say stick with the theme!

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