Weekend Round-Up

**Dr. Groomy:  there is a dress picture in this post, so please don’t read it!**

We had a busy weekend in wedding land!  Not only were there Oscars to watch, but I also went Mother-of-the-Bride dress shopping with my mom (and my dad! What a good sport!), worked on our Save-The-Dates, and spent time with Dr. Groomy’s family, which entailed getting my last bridesmaid fitted for her dress AND showing his aunt my gorgeous gown.  Here’s a quick recap of some of the things we accomplished this weekend:

My dad and I knocked off the “magnet-ing” process of our Save-the-Dates.  I bought three rolls of magnet, and spent some time cutting them up into one inch strips, like so:

Wedding DIY 002 

Then we stuck, stuck, stuck…and were able to put magnets on the back of 200 STDs in a little less than an hour.  Pretty good, no?

 Wedding DIY 003 (Yes, I am totally blinking in this picture…which I tend to do a lot in photos.  Awesome.)

I worked on envelope liners too, but you’ll have to wait for the big reveal before you see those!

We also took my mom dress shopping for her gown.  We ended up going to this amazing store that is about 30 minutes from my parents’ house that had MOB gowns for MILES.  It was crazy…the first thing my dad said was “If you can’t find a dress here, you’re in trouble!”  She tried on lots of dresses, but in the end, only one stood out:

Wedding DIY 007

I call it the Sex-Pot Dress.  Very formal, VERY unique, yet still understated and elegant.  And she looks pretty hot in it, if I do say so myself.

Lastly, I took my last bridesmaid, K, to be fitted for her dress.  While there, I also tried on my wedding gown (My actual gown! The one I’m going to wear!  Not the store sample!  It’s LOVELY…what an experience!) to show K and her mom.  When I went to pay my balance and try it on last week, I didn’t have anyone with me…so I definitely wanted to try it on one more time while my mother-in-law, aunt and cousin were there.  It was worth it!

Wedding DIY 016
Front View

 Wedding DIY 017 Back View

Sigh, I love it.  I have to wait til about July to start alterations, but it fits pretty well already and I am very excited about it.  Only 7 months to go! 

Did you get any random wedding stuff done this weekend?  Share!



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9 responses to “Weekend Round-Up

  1. You look gorgeous in your dress!

  2. Em

    Love your dress! You look so much like this girl i went to college with, by the way 🙂

  3. Love your dress! You look gorgeous!

  4. You and your Mom…absolutely rocking the dresses. You both look FABULOUS.

    That dress is incredibly perfect for you.

  5. Dad

    Thanks for putting me on. If magnets are the only thing I do I’m in good shape. No pictures of me laying in the corner after the reception please!!!

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  7. Mom doc

    The dress is gorgeous! So is your mom’s. Dahling,
    I have to have the name of your designer. Ta ta.

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