Hair Flower, Revisited

**Dr. Groomy:  There are discussions of my dress and accessories in this entry.  DO NOT READ!  Thanks!**

Confession:  I’m having second thoughts about my hair flower. 

If you’ll remember, it looks like this:

While I do really love it, I am starting to feel that it just doesn’t really go with the my dress as well as I had hoped.  I always envisioned wearing a hair flower for the reception, but suddenly, I am drawn to images like these:




Notice a common denominator?  They’re wearing hair jewelry, not hair flowers.  Because of the rhinestones and beading on my dress, I feel like this might be a better way for me to go.  

I do still love the look of hair flowers though.  A few more inspiration ideas I’ve clipped?


Hair Idea

So, gals, thoughts and opinions please!  The lace on my dress is going to be really hard to match, so I think finding a piece of hair jewelry might work better and be able to match easier (hello, rhinestones match rhinestones, right?!).  I am not at all a fan of tiaras, so I won’t be going that route, but I do think I’d like to find a lovely vintage-inspired hair piece to go with my dress.   I will be scoping the bridal store, jewelry departments at major retailers, Goodwill, and my mom’s jewelry box for the perfect piece!   Although I loved the idea of wearing pearls and was hoping to incorporate them on my wedding day, I think it’s time to let that idea go in favor of something a bit more blingy.  Who woulda thunk it?!

Are you wearing a hair flower or jewelry?  If so, where did you get it?



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4 responses to “Hair Flower, Revisited

  1. You should wear whatever makes you happy, but, for the record, I think that is one of the prettiest hair flowers I’ve seen.

  2. I am a big fan of a little wedding day hair bling ~ Something vintage inspired would be totally awesome!

  3. Jill

    I love your flower, but I totally understand wanting to match the rhinestones in your dress. Because I am wearing pearls and hair jewelry, I am on the hunt right now for some vintage hair combs that combine pearls and rhinestones. There are a million to look at on Etsy and a lot of them come in gold which would look great with your dress! Let me know if you find another good place to look! Good luck!

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