Envelope Lining, Part One

It’s almost go time for our Save-the-Dates!  They are finished—all that’s left now is a bit of last minute finalizing on the guest list and printing the labels.  I hope to have them out by the end of the week (so excuse me if I am a bit scarce around these parts—I am devoting all my waking minutes to getting these babies out of here).   I spent the majority of this weekend cutting, lining, and stuffing envelopes.  And you know I took me some pictures!

First up, I had to create a template for my liners.  You could buy a fancy template kit from Paper Source or the like, but I thought it was cheap and easy to make my own.   Start off with your envelope, like so:

Wedding DIY 008

Carefully take it apart:

Wedding DIY 009

Now cut off the side and bottom flaps:

Wedding DIY 012

Trim off the glue part of the envelope, where you lick to close it:

Wedding DIY 013

And voila, an envelope liner template!  Now you’re ready to cut liners.  Gather your supplies:

Wedding DIY 010
I used wrapping paper for my liners, as I found it was the most economical.  You’ll also need a pen or pencil, scissors, and some sort of adhesive.  I started out using this Xyron adhesive, but by the end, I was using regular old glue-stick.  Much easier, and cheaper!  (Wow, is the lesson of this blog post how to be cheap or what?!)

Trace your liner.  I ended up cutting my liner down so that they didn’t line the whole envelope.  It’s just not necessary, especially since (oooh, I hate admitting this because I love them!) not that many people will notice them.  Here I am tracing away:

Wedding DIY 014
(Photo courtesy of Dr. Groomy)

Then you cut.  And cut.  And cut some more.  I am sure there are easier ways to do this, but I cut all 150 envelope liners BY HAND.  Can you say “labor of love?”  At least I had Sidney Bristow and Vaughn to keep me company (read:  I watched about a gazillion episodes of Alias while working on these.  Love that show!).

Stay tuned for part two…the actual lining process!

Did you send Save-The-Dates?  Were they labor intensive?



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2 responses to “Envelope Lining, Part One

  1. That’s a great tutorial for the liners! Makes it look really easy!

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